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by on September 14, 2021
Welcome my little listeners, today we have another dino to discuss. This dino is a plant eater ( but they also eat lizards and stones ) known as gallimimus an excellent runner when being hunted or travelling and like to be in a group of 20, they also have great vision to spot predators like the t-rex. They pretty harmless so I'm sure theres nothing to worry about and are the largest and best known of the ornithomimidae family. Well that's it for today everyone, have a great day and as always sta...
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by on September 2, 2021
Welcome again my faithful little listeners to another know your dino, this guy is known as the allosaurus a ferocious apex predator that doesn't tolerate it's own kind unless it's a female. It doesn't have a very strong bite but it is theorized to use its upper jaw like a hatchet to inflict bleeding damage. It lives in semiarid environments with distinct wet and dry seasons and flat floodplains. Thanks for listening and have a great day
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by on August 28, 2021
Residents of equestria better watch for the tall grass because most likely these guys will be in it, the large claw on its foot is used to kill its prey. They have a call that they use to signal others for help, they're length is roughly two meters long and weighting 15 kilograms on average, they're extremely intelligent too knowing how to set traps and open doors, when they look at you they're already figuring things out. They hunt in pack and they attack from left and right using another rapto...
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by on February 14, 2021
The Nefundusaurus (Nefundusaurus accerbus, meaning "Troublesome abominable-lizard") is a large, dangerous, blue prestosuchid from the coasts (including the eastern estuary) of Skull Island. It measures 16-24 feet long. Facts Stalking the shoreline of Skull Island is a brutish quadrupedal heavyweight with a taste for meat. Nefundusaurus is not a dinosaur but an ancient archosaur (a group that predates dinosaurs, as early as the Early Triassic). Its huge olfactory canal affords the animal an a...
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