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by on August 31, 2020
Inspired on a song of the same title but in another language: These last months after I returned to RP and CA, it gave me more time to think on some stuff. But mainly the lack of rping in this site and many others around. And you maybe asking, how all of this is related to the title? well the answer is simple, this is the answer I have gotten in the last months with ppl that tired to RP with me in way or another they just said this, but in the end could not find any enjoyment while playing...
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by on March 26, 2019
Ok, so, completely disregard this thing if you don’t know this fandom or the books. (Warriors) *takes a deep breath* Fucking Squirrelflight. She... She was a good character... BUT MA MAN DID SHE MAKE SOME BIG ASS MISTAKES! One being that she didn’t even tell her god damned MATE that the kits that HE THOUGHT WERE HIS (which I don’t understand, like, boi, she didn’t even look fucking pregnant, and then just, bam, kits!) that they were actually her medicine cat sister’s and her mate’s. (And MEDI...
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