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by on January 16, 2020
I felt prompted to write this after some lowkey vitriol I found myself unable to let go of lately. It regards my former DM exploits and how they led me to a jaundiced view of not only DMing but also D&D in general. This is rather vent-related, which is something I don't do often because I don't find it effective OR worthwhile, but from a psychological standpoint, talking about it has a higher chance to benefit me than not talking about it at all. What this is NOT is a cry for assistance or a ...
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by on August 14, 2019
"Well, I am not sure how to even go about addressing this. Do I even have to justify myself? Is the purpose of my letter just to try and explain what has been going on? Though I have not been much for writing or academics, perhaps I will feel some ease putting my feelings to paper." "From a young age, I always assumed that once you were married, that was it. Concepts such as divorce were genuinely foreign to me before I moved to Ponyville, those years ago. My parents were always..together. Th...
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