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Captain Sky N Nova

Female. Lives in Don't worry about it,  Beyond Equestria.
Hybrid, mostly dragon.
Roleplay Universe
. . Ṟ̵̤͇͇̪̻̬͓̹̜̑̀͂̉̋Ư̵̧̨̦̭̦̭̭͌̆̓̈̀̂̈́͢N̨̬̠̖͈͕̹͖͙͐̒̓͋̍̂̓͘͠ .
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Captain Sky N Nova
Its 5:50 AM and I'm over here wondering what the pony version of the horse mask would be.
Captain Sky N Nova
Terrible TTRPG idea time. Give your players items which are super niche to the point of being practically useless, or have counterintuitive/self defeating stats, possibly having passive effects when ...View More
Captain Sky N Nova
Sports mascots are just professional furries.
Nitroxus Soulspins
Say its not so.....
Captain Sky N Nova
Fraid so buddy boy!
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Throws his hooves to the air.* Nooooo!
Captain Sky N Nova
The time has come once again. Left or right Twix?
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Left Twix all the way
Apolune flips your twix 180 degrees
//I like both but if I'm way to bored and hungry then I'll eat it upside down. Also one of my top 5 ice creams is a twix ice cream bar.
Captain Sky N Nova
Sky does the touch. How do you proceed?
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Ephemeria Spring
that's fine, it's been a while since he touched any grass
Heating Freeze
Depends on where he's touched and how he's touched.
Captain Sky N Nova
Sky should probably do things here. However drg has no idea what to do.
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Star Sky
This problem is indeed, relatable.
Briea Lyn Miller
Derg was booped by unicorn pony
Captain Sky N Nova
Unicorn is playing a dangerous game considering Sky has a bite reflex....however unicorn would be spared. This time.
Captain Sky N Nova
Sky's April Fools joke is that there is no joke. Go back to bed. April doesn't exist. Trust the calendar companies.
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Corona Lionheart IV
I mean, there was no joke here either
//eh only joke is confusion and being different but the same character
Captain Sky N Nova
R63 month is over, dragonbutt shall hibernate until the time strikes ones again.
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxas would slowly sneak up on the captain. She would then dash right front of them.* Captain, I missed you!
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Captain Sky N Nova
I didn't go anywhere but ok then.
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxas would blink.* Wait, you never left? Sweet. So, do you want to talk?
Captain Sky N Nova
I have exactly nothing to talk about. Also I am tired today.
Nitroxus Soulspins
Okay. *She would pat their hoof/paw/claw thing and smiled.* I hope you can get the rest you require.
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