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Greetings, everyone!
I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. Here at Canterlot Avenue, we want to take this time to announce our holiday event for Christmas and New Year.
This year we are encouraging users to show their holiday spirit by designing your own tree ornament. You can choose to design your own from scratch, or you are welcomed to use our template that we have provided down below. Alternatively, you can choose to share your new year's resolutions with us in the same forum for this event. The requirements for this part of the event are as follows:
-Your post must contain 2 (two) sentences
-You must provide some detail of your new year's resolutions
You are more than welcomed to do both events if you do so choose. This event will be closing on January 3rd at 12 AM (Midnight) Eastern Time. A beautiful badge will be handed out as soon as possible after the event. We hope that you all enjoy the holidays and we hope that you all have a wonderful new year as well.
Happy Holidays!
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Mina Marzipan
I did both because I'm extra:
My New Year's revolution is to be more active and outspoken. I'm going to try and be more social and less introverted. So, I want to make more friends, hang out more and TRY to be less rude and grumpy. I akso want to work on my anger so I could be more peaceful and not let little things irritate me so much. I guess I want to break my shell and just be more open with other people. I think that it'll match my personality a little more.
Fiery Glow
Ah, here's my little submission, why not.
If I had more free time and some kind of inspiration, it would look much better.
It's hard to believe that this year is already coming to an end. Although, that's what I say every year. And quite the year it has been. I'm not one for resolutions, but I may as well. Before that, I wanted to get into a few little things first. During our Second Anniversary Event, I was regrettably unsuccessful in posting to it. So, I decided that I wanted to write out what I wanted to say in this forum post. When it comes to Canterlot Avenue, the ups and downs fluctuate. Though, I found that what I gained from this place is worth more than anything. I have made so many new friends here, and a lot of them play a very important role in my day-to-day life. I feel very lucky to call them my friends. Truly, I'm not sure where I would be without them now. So, I decided I would contribute a little blurb about a few of them here.
Zah, you're a very pleasant person to talk to. Though somehow you carry around an intimidating aura, you've always just been soft. It's slow-going now, but I look forward to getting to know you better as a friend.
Seir, you're a really big dork. And it's always nice to be in your presence. You have a certain kindness surrounding you that I haven't found in anyone else. Being around you, it feels like the atmosphere is at peace. You're just a joy.
Phoenix, you're such a doofus. But I like you too. Our conversations late at night tend to spiral into very stupid topics, but it's pretty fun. Just keep being you, you're good the way you are.
Pinker Wolf Pie, my favorite giggly pink pal. You're one of the sweetest people I know. Don't ever lose your heart and joy. It's splendidly infectious, and everybody knows that. I appreciate you so much.
Thank you. You're a very special person in my life, and I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything. You're the reason I found out about this place, as well as the reason I've built these bonds. I know you'd do just about anything for me, and I'll never forget that. So again, thank you so much.
Gen ToNiC, you're wonderful, I can't even describe it. Our friendship really did grow extremely fast for the amount of time we spent talking to each other, and it only grows stronger by the day. All of our conversations are interesting and meaningful. I just can't wait to see where we go from here.
Lula, wowzers. I'm very excited to see how this relationship develops. We've been friends for a while now, and I'm ready to see where this next step takes us. We got this.
I love you guys lots, you've gotten me through a lot. And because of that, my new year's resolution is to do my best to better myself as a person. And with my friends by my side, I know I can. I want to succeed, and I have to.
I'm stifled in terms of art, so I'm just gonna write, I'm good at it.
I got two New Year's resolutions: The first is to stop being such a bitch on all fronts. I mean it forreal-both in terms of attitude, and in terms of fear. Sometimes these are connected. I am mean or treat people a certain way because I believe that friendship won't last and that I'm not a great person. But perhaps I just have too much trauma I can't let go of and need to, in order to move forward. So many people here have reached out to me and made friendships. I love you all...thank you for putting up with me.
And in addition, I am going to stop holding back in terms of making myself look and feel the best I can-which leads to my second point-positivity. No more suicide jokes, no more self-deprecating jokes, no more negative outlook. And I expect the best from everyone else too. We're all going to lift each other up.
I look forward to bringing you all more exciting RP and terrible memes in the future, thanks for being here with me.
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Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
I wish I could do the ornament but I suck at graphic design, so here are my New Year's resolutions instead:
For my first new year resolution, I want to try to actually become healthier. I've come to the realization that lately, I've been eating way too much junk food, mainly cause I haven't really had the chance to buy healthy food and actually eat that. Been kinda resorting to fast food cause...well it's fast. So this year I wanna try to get a little bit more healthy so I can try to lose a couple of pounds since I'm a bit uh...fluffy, lol. It's hard because sometimes I can't find the motivation to really go out and exercise, but I know I have to do it since it's starting to affect my health a bit.
My second resolution is to essentially try to work a bit more on my anger and learn to have a bit more self-control. While for the most part, I've improved over 2019, I feel that I still need to work far more on it because there are still moments in which I do become easily irritated and that obviously makes me angry rather quickly. So I do need to work on this so that I don't end up blowing up on the wrong person if I do become angry enough.
Those are essentially my two years resolution.
polo fastter
I don't have photoshop and am bad on paint so ya I can't do a ornament of a meme.
Mine is paying off all outstanding debts. Already chipped off over half since (officially) last year so this is less of a resolution and more of an affirmation (reassurance?).
My new years resolution is to become more determined and driven, something that now, i lack. I want to try and push myself into doing things like cleaning the house, maintaining my truck, taking my courses seriously. I will try to become more self sufficient and able to push myself to do better for myself
Basalt Alltrades
frosty went and made this basalt face a while ago, resizing blobbed her signature, sorry frosty
//the whole >40 hours a week, home upkeep, and 10 credit hours a semester thing is kind of killing me, but that's okay.
//kind of a 3-for-1 on the resolution. when my pops died, i lost my motivation to learn polish, but i started picking up ASL last year, and i'm working/schooling so hekken much, i may as well go whole ham on learning polish, ASL, and nursing courses. make me a right proper educated gentleman while i'm at it, why not?
//i wasn't doing very much miniature painting anyways, but, hey, let's see if i can't get my knight preceptor canis rex fully magnetized and painted before 2021, be a shame if his battle brothers never got their fire support.
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Astral Empyrean
New Years Resolutions... To start with the usual and the mundane. I need to lose 30lbs and get ready for a 100 something mile race/run my division is doing in March. And the other, which is in progress. Is to pay off my car and be debt free.
night shade
my new years resolution is mainly to keep in better with my friends, and hang out with them a lot more, clear any outstanding debts i have and finally buy some commission pieces so that people can see what my oc's actually look like.
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New Years Resolutions: Basically to do everything right that went wrong in the past few years, like making new real life friends because most of the current ones are online and going out more often, instead of playing games at home. But I also want to try to continue with my education and get a well paid job this year!
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Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
((Hi! I'm a bit late to the party, but here I am. ^^ I'm feeling a little sicky as I'm writing this so it's probably not gonna be as in depth as I originally wanted.
I wanna say how proud I am of this community and thank all who welcomed me with open arms, into their lives and on the site. I can't really put into words how much all of you mean to me, especially ones that are very close to my heart. I'm not the best at wording things in a big fancy way, but Frosty, Weswoo… and others that I can't think of at the moment (I'm running a fever so bear with me x3) I love you and I wish you every happiness in the whole wide world! I hope to get closer to you and many others such as Chubs and Seir because I really wanna and I love making people smile.
My Resolution is one that is super duper common but I am determined to do it. I wanna work on my physical health. As in lose weight and work out and all that. I feel a need to take good care of my body and so that's what I'm gonna do! Also I hope to get more organized with my commissions especially and stop overwhelming myself with too many at once. I hope you all have a wonderful 2020! Also... pssst my birthday is on the 6th xD (Sorry I get excited) ))
Ephemeria Spring
I don't really know if I do have much of a resolution for the year, things have been going good so far. I guess it'd be to try to keep the momentum I have on things, keep the cursed pace I have in school since I have a course I do actually like.
Chiller Sway
Two new year's resolutions: More activity on CA because this has been a good place for me.
And college! Gotta stay on track for welding degrees