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Dream Vezpyre
Yami Crosshide
*shotgun cocks* oh im going on a crusade
Reapor Valheart
it is just then Justin bieber knew he fucked up as they were trolling him and ready to kick his butt
Chow Chow
God, I wish I was him.
*holy music stops*
Reapor Valheart
'attack on titan music begins' :P
Lord save us all... The cancer has begun. *Bleaches eyes out*
mlp crossovers go brrrrrrrr00-
Stardusk Strider
Please, we don't usually allow users to reply to something from...19 months ago
Dream Vezpyre
Pee pee poo poo
Chow Chow
I was told you were cool Starkiller.
Pussy Willow
Eeeew Beiber
Tarsus of The Fourth Court
Chow Chow
Celtic Cross
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My name is No one gives a shit :D
Dream Vezpyre
Woah, my name is No one gives a shit too!
Omg thats so funny! We're all No one gives a shit
Distant Shores
Awh, I feel left out! Mine is "Everyone cares all the time!' Excluded again.
Crashie Tunez
no one gives a shit....i got the worst one, great
Be lucky it's not no one gives a shit, like mine
uwu i have the best
Captain Sky N Nova
Mine actually isn't that bad for a change.
Mine is No one gives a shit
Dank Pony Child
My elf name is way better than yours
Memes/Shitposting 2
Ice Wisp
gamer feels
Memes/Shitposting 2
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Ice Wisp
oof like major yikes my fellow broknee
Memes/Shitposting 2
Chow Chow
Public shcool is What's wrong with America.
Memes/Shitposting 2
I’m back
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Dream Vezpyre
This oc looks familiar 🤔
Chow Chow
Okay spotty
Memes/Shitposting 2
Life expectancy: 3 days Meme storage: Outdated Health Status: Critical Rebuilding database in 3...2...1... *2 years later* Memes/Shitposting Ver.1.02 is now open and back in business.
polo fastter
Acry Weaver (Inactive)
Ah so that’s why I got a sudden invite x3
revive this pls
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