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Ahndray Light
Ahndray Light
Guys, if you ever decide to marry a girl, please treat her respectfully, don't ruin your children's childhood, and most importantly, don't get a drunkard that blames their children for everything.
Silver Shield
There's this girl I work with, who just makes me depressed all the time, by talking about her and her ex-boyfriend constantly fight over who "has to watch" their kid. Like what the actual fuck, they don't even think about how the kid feels with both his parents trying to dump him off on the other o...View More
Ahndray Light
First, where is the point in having a child when both are unable to keep responsibility? And more importantly, by doing such a thing, it would probably entail in the child getting Depression because of the neglect that the child experiences. Shady people, I tell ya. Questions like: Where is daddy or...View More
Silver Shield
Implying they intended to have a kid to start with, which is where the whole issue stems from. Irresponsible people who can't make good decisions, which results in them being parents, which they are bad at because they are irresponsible people who can't make good decisions.
Ahndray Light
Exactly that. My point.
Silver Shield
It doesn't help that the girl in question is clearly attracted to man-children with substance abuse problems, for whatever reason that I couldn't tell you. [Judgmental Silver Mode Activated]
Ahndray Light
I have known a girl that was undergoing substance abuse and so did her ex-boyfriend, a potential husband since I was an apprentice at a workspace for handicapped individuals. She lost her unborn child due to drug and alcohol abuse; supposedly she didn't even know that the child was from him. She had...View More
Ahndray Light
Ahndray Light
Ahndray Light
I find it rather ironic that decency is punished in the same way that indecency is punished.
Ahndray Light
All right so. I've decided to take another break from roleplaying since more important stuff's going to keep me busy. So yeah. Have a good one everyone.
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Ahndray Light
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