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Raven Sorrel
happy memories (for those who don't know the other hors is her brother who is currently not rly alive)
Need a hug?
Raven Sorrel
Do you think she's running late for school?
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Is she running too late for snuggs?
Raven Sorrel
I don't think one can ever be too late for snugs uwu
polo fastter
polo was in a cart and said "hurry up, your going to be late"
Bright Brave
Give me the jam. Now.
That is a very pat worthy look she's givin'.
Emerald Sunlight
Its so beautiful pats her on head
Carmine Gumshoe
Spirit Weaver
i would kill for her oh my god i'm actually sobbing right now i saw this earlier but LOOK AT HER
Raven Sorrel
i know me too i love her sm!!
Silver Shield
Ah heck
Celtic Cross
She should watch out for that jam! Means she got mad drip, and the artist probably does too. ;)
Oh my god... the classic anime bit.
Bright Brave
The toast in mouth?
Raven Sorrel
Hey gamers. Any of you don't have genderbent versions of your characters and would like to participate in genderbent month? Comment below with a ref of your character and what you'd like your OC's g...View More
Huron as a she would be a total tom-boy, honestly. A real blue collar girl who aint afraid to get dirty.
Spirit Weaver
Let me pay you
Same tbh
Raven Sorrel
No >:C Doing it for free means I can fuck it up as badly as I want and no one can get amgy. I just wanted to draw funny genderbent characters for a bit
Spirit Weaver
so mean to me.
Phoenix Wind This is the best thing I've got for a reference but possible martial arts GF I guess?
Raven Sorrel
Thank you for actually giving me something to work with ^^ Martial arts gf was fun to draw. I adjusted the colors a bit cause the red was.... well it hurt my eyes to look at a bit cause it was so bright haha. Hope you like it, I think she looks pretty rad ngl.
Phoenix Wind
She does look Rad. Awesome art. Thank you so much!
Maybe a boy griff? Male Lenore would probably be less awkward and spontaneous. Still a singer of course, but less crazy!
Raven Sorrel
I needed more male gryphon practice so this worked out perfectly!
Oh my god, this is fantastic. Well done!
Novaya Zemlya
A lot of you nerds who don't get it yet - include something about what your genderbent character will be like. That's what's going to make me interested in drawing them. For example; Novaya was a model, now as Novo he's a tiktok fuckboy
Well Genderbit would pretty much be a less annoying and more smart version of ghostbit
Novaya Zemlya
Get creative! Might as well do something kinda out there, its only for a month after all (unless you end up liking your character more genderbent, who knows, they might end up sticking around).
I didn't know they wanted this info.
Novaya Zemlya
Well a lot of yall didn't seem to get that part so I figured I'd make it a bit more clear c:
Phoenix Wind
You might have done too good a job XD Phoenix looks really cool as a chick
If this is still open I have Dragonfly's bend, Butterfly. She has a short mane with bangs down to her eyebrows and dark purple lipstick. Still no pupils.
I never thought about changing their job or anything but I guess Butterfly would probably be an asteroid miner.
Lana Avalon
I already got mine, He's a drywall punching, monster slamming Kyle.
Queen Lesa
I'll admit. I have been very curious on this subject. xD I got two characters I would like to test this on. But let's go with my dork. ;P Snowy As for giving you something to work with? Snowy is dork a big on...View More
Raven Sorrel
Didn't really end up drawing her looking very dorky, but hey, even a dork can put up a smug facade sometimes lmao
Queen Lesa
Gotta say~ you have done an amazing job. ^^ He looks quite good as a gal.
Deleted Account
I've considered participating myself. Admittedly though im not super into the art market like I use to be. That and honestly I have so many troubles seeing Scarlet as a male. I can barely even think of a fitting name. I admittedly did just commission one to be attempted at being drawn. Its a mystery...View More
Raven Sorrel
Amazing art of blue hors by
Bright Brave
I like this blue horse.
Raven Sorrel
Thank you. I like her too.
Ice Wisp
The bluest of all blue horses.
You know that's not true
Silver Bullet
The next scene is the bird swooping her followed by nothing short of panic
Raven Sorrel
Oh definitely. I mean have you seen how big it is compared to her? I'd panic if that happened to me too
Sir_Pathfinder, The Lost.
White raven? Nice!
Raven Sorrel
Yis! She has one as her companion!
Sir_Pathfinder, The Lost.
Bird adventure companion gang.
Chiller Sway
Whoa a page with some CSS Nice now finish it :3 CSS buddies!
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Raven Sorrel
Oh I forgot I did that lmao. Its probably been 2 years since I last did anything with it haha. I know pretty much nothing about coding so help me with it maybe 8)
Chiller Sway
Heck yeah I can do that When I'm not at work lol. That'll be, mmm, right exactly 9½ hours from now
Raven Sorrel
Aye sounds good
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