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Prince Nebulous Coltenheim
by on October 12, 2021
*After finishing his first entry the Archivist begins to write the second and most latest entry to the tale*
As mentioned in my last entry the city and the country have been concealed and hidden for hundreds of years because our prince sought to protect us from what Equestria had become and his concerns were vindicated after many generations Equestria became what it was all those eons ago during the time of the founder prince Ragvar Coltenheim. A time where unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies feared and resented each other and the same has happened again after Twilight's passing, propaganda from the earth ponies spread through their own kind, the pegasi have decided to keep to themselves, and unicorns have lost all hope and wonder with the loss of their magic. As for our kingdom New Coltenheim, we still held true to Twilight's lessons and teaching and always remembered her history as fact and true history as for our magic the unicorns who live here were losing it as well in order to address this concern Prince Nebulous used the cities endless supply of Stahlranium as a way to refuel a unicorns magic after depletion. And with their increased use of the enchanted ice metal, only increased scientific and medical research to new heights and new ways to utilize the ore in terms of magic but still, the prince knew that this could not last forever and some unrest came from this tactic some stores were charging high fees for unicorns to recharge their horns with Stahlranium thankfully in due time those who exploited the unicorns were exiled from the city.
Then only a few months ago something extraordinary happened one night as the city was still under a dome and concealed by the windigos blizzard as it has for hundreds of years the prince felt a shift in the wind and in the distance to the south a flash of light and what came from it seemed like a sonic rainboom but it was not. As the mass rainbow-colored wave washed over The Frozen North and the kingdom and country of New Colteneheim the windigos vanished along with the blizzard and the prince knew what this was magic had returned to Equestria and felt a renewed sense of hope that Equestria is not lost yet. He then shattered the enchanted ice dome now his country was no longer hidden and concealed and every creature in the country of New Coltenheim and even the prince looked up to the clear night sky that has not been seen in many moons as northern lights streaked across the stars as every unicorn in the city and land had their magic returned to them in full and the prince began his mission to re-connect with the south.
Prince Nebulous soon learned about Sunny and her friends being the ones who brought magic back and hoped someday that he might meet them face to face during his tour of the south I managed to reunite with his long-time friend Prince Glaciem and making new allies and forging new friendships. Right now all is well New Coltenheim continues to thrive as one of the most technologically advanced countries in Equestria years ahead of those south but we still hold to our traditions and history for lest we forget we will truly be lost for all time.
*A he finishes writing he places the book next to the first one in the massive cathedral-sized library and returns to his quarters to rest*
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