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Zerathur A. Naszberuk
by on January 5, 2023
Alone, the Chloromancer roamed the dark sea. Were those seconds, or were they entire eons passing right before his eyes?
Waves crashed upon the cold hull of the steerless metallic ship, yet no matter how much it rocked, the ship would never sink.
No matter how often he tried, he could not jump into the dark waters below.
With his book of memories held close against his chest, Zerathur hummed songs of old, and another voice joined his chorus.
Sat upon the taffrail, The Traveler examined the old man. In return, he simply stared at her ghostly visage.
She'd come to make an offer, for he succeeded in his task. He handed her his book, and the pact was sealed with blood.
Above and below, the darkness ceased to be. The Traveler was gone, and so was the ship.
Sun bathes his grey coat, his feet sink into the damp golden sands of Old Antioch's shores.
Soft rhythms from a loud boombox fill his ears, and the delicious smell of grilled cheeses and vegetables enters his system.
Warm smiles welcome and congratulate him. They are here.
Erian raises a glass of water in greeting to her older brother; Mel shoves him to the side in the usual aggressive affection she'd show her best friend;
Spore, his daughter, hasn't even realized that he has arrived, too busy arguing with her mother about something inconsequential;
'What took you so long?' Are the words plastering Astria's eyes as they lock in a warm embrace.
With his old and trusty longboard in hand, Zerathur throws himself into the clear blue waters of the Southern Seas, joining Salazar and his friends in the waves.
Drenched in saltwater and under a swift sunset, the old Chloromancer lays upon his surfboard. He smiles and closes his eyes.
He's home.
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Zerathur A. Naszberuk
, have at thee. N o w, freedom awaits.
Like January 5, 2023
I submit! Beach episodes aren't meant for farewells but closure is closure nonetheless. Thanks for the read. Felt like yesterday he was a diet 40k oc.
Like January 5, 2023 Edited