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by on November 19, 2018
Dear Princess Luna: A question has been troubling my mind since first joining the ranks of S.M.I.L.E that question is, why me? I have been struggling so much lately that the thought of leaving such a place has crossed my mind on many occasion. I feel as though I do not belong with them they are highly disciplined in secrecy, everyday I spend training with them brings new and sometimes unwanted surprises. One time I took a walk to the edge of Ponyville, I was going to resign that day but as I did...
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by on October 30, 2018
Trading characters! Everyone in this folder is up for sale or trade PaypalArtDevART PointsCharacters I don't use any of these guys and want them to go to a better home Do not go out of this folder for buying If you see your design and want it back it would be discounted --- Telegram Stickers Pricing $8 for just a single sticker 3 for $15 for simple chibis, the design may be simplified to keep the chibi look 3 for $20 for more deta...
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by on October 24, 2018
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by on October 21, 2018
Dear Princess Luna: I would like to extend my deepest of gratitude for giving me a recommendation letter to join S.M.I.L.E. I will find Bon Bon and hand it over to her as soon as I am finished helping a friend. I know this next chapter of my life is going to be challenging but I will not let you down and I will protect Equestria from within the shadows. Thank you again old friend sincerely: Kind Claw.
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by on October 8, 2018
Dear Princess Luna; I have been enjoying my time in your former home there is so much history I have missed during my time away and the literature is filling in the gaps I am grateful to the scribes of the past there were very detailed. Spending time with ponies have been odd, they seem less serious than before it appears we now live in a time where fun and friendship is a primary focus however I have some security concerns to address have you received my official report I entrusted Rover ...
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Last you saw me Rose was when I left to quell a rumor. That rumor, of a pocket dimension right under the princesses noses, turns out to be true. They call it Canterlot Avenue and it’s an amazing place really! There are all kinds of ponies and creatures from so many places. I’ve seen abilities I can’t begin to explain! Yet that’s not all, I’ve made friends...many amazing friends and I can’t wait till you can see it for yourself. In any case attached to the bottom of this letter is all my do...
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by on June 11, 2018 - $5 - $7 - $7 - $5 - $5 - $2 - $3 - $6 - $1 - $2 - $1 ...
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by on June 4, 2018
I know many folks on here have an interest in tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the wide variety of other games on offer. Though, often we don't have people to play with, or simply don't have someone experienced to run the game for us and our friends. We might even be experienced but struggling to find similarly experienced GM's to offer us a challenge! In lieu of this, I am here to announce my venture as a commissionable Games Master, for a reasonable price you can particip...
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by on May 31, 2018
Negotiations Location - Ponyville Day 1 1PM Chrysalis arrived with four armored changelings. The changelings stay at one of the guest rooms on the first floor of the Crystal Castle. Chrysalis stays at the VIP guest room across the hallway of my [Twilight Sparkle] bedroom. She was left alone to settle in, two changelings guard her room while the other two guard the carriage she arrived with. [I wonder if they are going to stand there for the entirety of her visit] 4PM Unusual noise...
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by on May 26, 2018 A friend of mine along with another just had some of their art stolen by the same person. Please keep a look out for this person and alert any other art pieces you find stolen
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by on April 15, 2018
Secret File 042142 Tuesday, 14th March, year 998 a.NMM Name: Maud Pie (Also known as Maude) Family: Mother - Cloudy Quartz Father - Igneus Rock Sister - Pinkamena (Pinkie) Pie Sister - Marble Pie Sister - Limestone Pie Born: in Dodge Junction. Sex: Female Likes: Abnormal interest for anything related to minerals, has been seen collecting pictures of others in rubber costumes, loves her family Hates: Social events that are not related to her interests, stressing s...
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by on March 30, 2018
Hiya!! So I’m doing commissions because being a college student with no job atm is difficult , so I make my money off commissions :3 if you’re interested, comment and or send me a PM! PM me if you want examples or look at my profile or deviant art c: also check my Instagram for recent art : murkyicicle All my commissions are 100% my art and made with love
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