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by on September 21, 2018
Description: An android pony with the shape of an earth pony stallion. Is mostly unpainted, but from the neck-up he is red. Scratches cover most of the surface, and has thick black bands around the upper part of each leg. The eyes are made up of blue “eyelid” shutters to protect the cameras and to simulate blinking, and a red glowing pupil that contains the cameras that provide vision. LR-77 has normal vision, night-vision, x-ray, and thermal vision channels. His mane and tail are made up of syn...
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by on May 26, 2018 A friend of mine along with another just had some of their art stolen by the same person. Please keep a look out for this person and alert any other art pieces you find stolen
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by on May 25, 2018
:question::grey_question:So I was wondering is this site is self hosted or if its hosted by a 3rd party. If it is self hosted what kinda cool nerd specs are you willing to tell about so I can geek out? :3:grey_question::question:
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by on March 7, 2018
Dear Princess Celestia, Today, I learned to not lay too many expectations at the hooves of others, because you never know what they're up against. It turns out that our development team could use more helping hooves! If you could kindly send more ponies from Canterlot University who are fluent in various programming codes, it sure would help the friends who we look up to! Your Loyal Servant, Celtic Cross
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by on January 20, 2018
Corona, A growing epidemic is upon Canterlot Avenue. We all humbly ask that you ban the usage of a growing population of deer characters and any characters containing deer lineage on your website. There are many reasons that this would be a step in the right direction for the site, the main points being: • This site is based off of My Little . We're already pushing it with the popular gryphons and abominations that are hippogriffs and kirins. To allow deer is a step too far, and already gettin...
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by on December 16, 2017
Hey guys. So far i've been enjoying the use of this site since release. I know its only been a few days but I feel so welcome again to a new community full of old people. I hope that CA comes to prosper as much as PS did. If you need a friend to RP with, Hit me up. Ill be online often, especially when the mobile app comes out :D
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by on December 16, 2017
Dear Corona, I was wondering how you got the idea for this website. If you can't tell me that's fine, but I really want to know! It's strange that I'm doing this in a blog I know. Sincerely, Princess Luna
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by on December 6, 2017
User# full_name 1 Phoenix Genevieve 2 Syncenator 3 Stormence 4 [dP] Dachi 5 Dream Chaser 6 Appy 7 TV Quality Pone 8 Acry Weaver 9 Sky Icewind 10 Despair 11 Justin Davidson 12 Decay 13 Sonicsora 14 Twist Tinder 15 Solaris Flahrestia 16 Karlheinz 17 Sprocket 18 OceanDrop 19 Red Ink 20 Nitroxus Soulspins 21 Scarlet Serenade 22 Ross Butt 23 Whispy 24 Yappy 25 Saphira 26 Silent Dawn 27 Sky Nebulon Nova 28 Fable 29 Towser 30 Lyoko Hope 31 Amethyst the Hippogriff 32 Drea...
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by on December 5, 2017
When Bronysquare died, I was sad. I didn't knew about it until a week before. I was on it since 2014. I couldn't ask for a better successor. Thanks you <3
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