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by on October 11, 2018
The walls are closing in, but they never existed. The world is collapsing, but everything's fine. The wounds may heal, but they'll leave scars. Reminders of where we've come from, where we've been. Where to go now? Is there light in this darkness? Was it ever dark to begin with? Blind eyes see all and yet see nothing. Deaf ears hang on the walls, waiting for tongueless mouths to speak. Articulate. Elaborate. Enunciate. How far do we spread? How much can we compress? Sitting in a sea ...
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by on October 11, 2018
What is an identity? Is it what I am, or what others see of me? Do I truly get to define what I want to be Or am I born marked by a man’s theory? I walk the streets, a mantle on my shoulder A mask on my face, my heart no colder Shoes tied, how different from a body that does molder? While my own may not change, my soul yet grows older. Stories of the Ages, Tomes of Old Books full of pages of beings once bold Taught to play fearless, yet forced to fold Our great champions the mos...
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by on October 11, 2018
Like a blank answer sheet, sitting unanswered, unused the feelings inside emptied, misdirected, confused poured out, they are dripping now, but in the literal sense; the crimson flow, it beads from each empty line, creating an intense silent cry, yet perfectly representing the scream inside that will never come out, for there are no ears in which to confide ears that will listen, that will hear, and not judge or ridicule; instead, a single pair of ears hears a miniscule whimper, as the h...
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by on October 11, 2018
Talking to a wall is nice-it will listen, and it certainly won’t talk back but what makes blinds so different? they’ve a story to tell though a tongue they lack. Behind their odd corrugation, a silently spoken tale, it calls a promise of a future yet to be fulfilled- but still-crying wordlessly louder, the walls. The walls that remember each word that was said, that bore silent witness to the longing within; the longing for something beyond those walls, yet refusal to the blinds-to...
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by on October 5, 2018
A short list. Asexual, Apathy, Able, Absence of emotion, Academic, Acceptable, Ache, Achieve, Anger, Accusation, Activity, Act, Adapt, Adequate, Adjust, Admiration, Admission, Admit, Adult, Advance, Advice, Affection, Afraid, Age, Aggravation, Agree, Alert, All right, Alone, Alter, Always, Analysis, Anguish, Annoying, Anxiety, Anyone, Apology, Appearance, Approach, Approval, Argument, Artificial, Ashamed, Attempt, Author, Alive. I suppose being a coward can be a good thing at tim...
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by on October 1, 2018
or your dad's gonna GET IT :punch: :boom:
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by on September 25, 2018
Dear Princess Luna, Once more I feel my actions paint me as being needy. Maybe I am, but I hope that doesn't colour me poorly in others' eyes. I'm doing my best, or at least I think I am. I'm trying. It's hard to keep it all together and straight in my mind. I hope I'm not bothering you with how often I've written. Though, you probably would say so, because a good monarch is there for their subjects. I'm sorry. Your faithful subject, Java Tales
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by on September 20, 2018
~Princess Luna Give me the strength to make it through the night. If not for my own sake, then the sake of those in my care. I'm not doing great, but I am trying to tough it out. I try to remain positive and humble, but some people push the limits of even my patience. I'm sorry to trouble you with such trivial matters, across the fabric of reality, space, and time. Your servant from another world, The 7th Wall~
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by on September 8, 2018
Dear Princess Luna, How do you fight the tendrils of loneliness and depression that worm their way into your heart? How do you combat the feeling of the dark abyss in your heart and soul, that even friendship cannot seem to banish? I try so hard every day to focus on the positive, to keep my mind busy, but it always finds me. You are a pony that I always look to for guidance and inspiration, and while I don't wish to be a bother or a burden, I could certainly use your ageless wisdom. I hope thi...
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by on August 18, 2018
I hope the people who i've wronged or said some stuff to i didn't mean will be able to forgive me at some point. I'm sorry for all i have done, i've been under a huge amount of stress and I hope I can make up for it someday. I do not mean to be awful to anyone // don't have ill will. I really can't control my emotions/feelings most of the times and sometimes things can just fall wrong. I'm very sorry. I rather make this open for anyone than again go to anyone to say I am sorry, ...
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by on June 11, 2018
I'm sorry if I ever wronged any of you. Yes, these apologies are sincere. I can't control my feelings when i'm hurt and the reason for that is really just unknown why it happens.. usually I do go through a lot already and sometimes things people say can be the final drop. I recall getting harassed by a few over something and our family kind of went through someone's suicide and my brother's gf having had a car accident. (i don't like my brother but none should go through that) Both Depre...
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by on May 14, 2018
I have lost my love. She said would be back, but for now my heart is broken till she returns in a new form. I gravely miss her and I have been trying hard to keep strong, but I don't know how much longer I can fake and say everything is hunky dory or being happy like I never met her...... (The next line where smudged by Wolf's tears) I h___ _o much f___ __r leaving. I ____ her back. I want my m___ __at I l____ and that l___ me back. Sincerely Wolf
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