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by on May 14, 2019
It has recently come to my attention that if the mirrorverse is the exact opposite of equestria, and if in the mirrorverse, good is trying to keep evil out of canterlot, this implies that somewhere in canterlot there is a large mass of evil protecting itself. it may just be the politicians, and our shenanigans, but i feel that it is something to note. your loyal subject- Flam flimflam
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by on August 11, 2018
The earth pony Java Tales was sitting at his favourite cafe in Canterlot, staring at a blank scroll. His eyes were vaguely glazed and unfocused as he tried to come up with something to write. After several minutes, he laid his head on the table. "This is hopeless," he said aloud to himself, "I've not had a good idea in ages. I think my muse is cheating on me." The comment drew a few looks from surrounding ponies, most questioning and curious, and he distinctly heard someone giggle. He hadn't re...
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