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by on August 3, 2020
Everything was quiet. Ponies trotted along, talking flamboyantly among themselves with jubilance. The shouts of peddlers trying to sell their wares and the buyers arguing or negotiating right back. The chittering of rats and other pests scurrying about trying to find any scraps that hadn't been cleaned by one of the many homeless that took refuge on the streets. Despite all this, the world was desolately empty, audio void of its existence in this alley. Everything was quiet. A cardboard wreck...
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by on May 5, 2020
"You fuckin' idiot. You know this formation is supposed to be like this. You tryin' to get these soldiers killed?" "Calm down, Shiv. Despite his physical prowess, Gale isn't in here for his intellect." "...I'm gonna beat both of your asses." "Y'know if you clock both of them, you're gonna flunk your exams." Gale Streaks was never a bright bulb like Shiver Thorn. I'm not even sure his circuits were even properly connected, if you catch my drift. Even Helas Mortem had his head on straight a...
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