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Ponysquare Refugees

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It's been a few years, some of you may remember me, some may not remember me. I'm quite different since the last time you've seen me that's for sure. But anyway, I'm going to get to the point. I'm her...View More
Maxh Vezpyre
Welcomoh back, hope you find em all
Lightning Flash
Well now. I just randomly looked up PonySquare and this appeared. Hey violet. its bee a while :) miss u a lot. Sorry for late response!
Well I too am looking for someone who used to rp as "Nightshade" from the shadowbolts, If anyone knows anything please let me know
Queen Blu Moon
I miss PonySquare ugh. I had so many good friends there.
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Whispy Willow
Me too 😭😭😭ponysquare was amazing
Queen Blu Moon
It absolutely was 😩😭😭 its a shame it shut down. Like I want to get back into using my ponysona but like so much has changed since PS days
Midnight Star
I miss it all the time tbh. I loved it so much.
polo fastter
Silver Shield
I don't miss how cringe I was back then though I can tell ya that :D
ITS BEEN YEARS, and im super late but only recently was I curious. Anyone remember me? These are awful and old like, super old drawings but this was the character. I went by Firework, once it was Que...View More
Vuagly remeber. maybe someone i saw post or would talk to ocassionally.
Fair enough honestly!
Baron Redpath
I cant remember what i ate this morning tbh
You and me both!
Acoustic Pulse
Nah. By the time I started using ponysquare, it commited die. So I was a wanderer til I stumbled upon this website. Found one of my childhood friends, I was like YOOO. Then I disappeared. Now I'm back cuz someone noticed it was my birthday today and left a message for me.
Lula Vieve
looks familiar
-looks at you thinking-Hmmmm I think I remember you
// Holyyy crap I remember you so much LOL I personally avoided you a lot back then but let's put that behind us hahaha
I DONT BLAME YOU, I WAS LITERALLY LIKE A PARASITE, just the fact you remember this monster makes my day - thank you!
Oh yeah, damn. That's crazy.
Copperhead -Inactive-
Never knew yah, but your character looks interesting. I'd make a post about who I was on PS, but all the people I knew have left the fandom.
I remember you lol
Queen Blu Moon
Oh dude! I absolutely remember you! You were Badass on PS 😂
Krock Magica
Been a while hasn't it? Well long story short, I was at Ponysquare for quite a bit before its collapse. You might remember me, you might not, but to me everyone in this group is a friend to me regardl...View More
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Nebula Gaze
Which circle of hell is this?
Celtic Cross
Hey bro this is from March last year can you not
Oh man, the nostalgia.
Autumn Blaze
It is I fall incarnate
Koa Persepolis Kagaster
I don't think anyone remembers me from Ponysquare as it was a very long time ago. I used to go by an OC that I made during my freshman year of highschool and that was so long ago. Her name was Shadow ...View More
That name sounds familiar but I am not sure if I actually met you on PS. I think I'd have to see the oc themselves to really say if we ever met on that site. I still have the same oc, he just looks a bit different now.
It's been a long time, Jesus, don't know if anyone will remember me but I was a little idiot when I was younger so I wouldn't be surprised. I used to go under Rocknrollpony as one account and Crimson...View More
Moonlight Streak
Wow.... I can't believe I've found my fellow peeps. I've seriously missed Ponysquare. It was my heart and soul back in the day. I'm so happy to contuine my love for this fandom. Hello My Little Bronie...View More
Dream Vezpyre
Hahah yes hello my fellow brony *brohoofs*
Moonlight Streak
*Brohoofs back* Whooo! yay!
Chow Chow
Yay woo. UwU
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