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Ponysquare Refugees

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Comet Trail
Sooo.... Been a while. Don't know how active this page is, but I wanted to post here because I was curious. I've been gone for like... a really long time. These are my characters, Comet Trail and Neb...View More
Wave Breaker
Comet is adorable
Comet Trail
Thanks! I'd credit his artist, but it's been super long, and I've completely lost contact with them.
Bright Brave
They really OCs though.
Comet Trail
They really do be OCs
Bright Brave
*nice Good lord my writing.
Sophie Hoofington
Oh! I remember!
Comet Trail
Wait, really?! This was mostly a crapshoot. I didn't think anyone would actually remember-
Sophie Hoofington
*nod nod* I do!
Corona Lionheart IV
Your name sounds familiar to me. I wasn't this OC on the squares, but I do remember the name Comet Trail. It rings a bell
Comet Trail
Maybe it's a possibility you were in the chatroom at some point? It was a coffee shop, but I don't remember the name off the top of my head. It would make sense because you would only see names in those chatrooms.
I don't think I remember seeing you around? I was Ryker on PS.
Comet Trail
Yeah, unfortunately I wasn't very active. Looking at my friend's list on the archived webpage, I only had about 60. Love your character's design, though!
He's pretty attractive for a corpse, yeah. I haven't used him for years.
Kodak S.
Omg you were Ryker?! :O
I checked here and saw you mentioned no longer having contact w/ the artist, decided to sign up- whassup. Blast from the past, I used to be buds w/ you & Arctic Mist, drew that stuff for ya way back when, Stockins/Stocks here. I think I somewhere still have the pixelart I made for you too? That one ...View More
Commander Zach
Wonder if anyone I know is here, except one I'm surprised to see is here to.
Fruity Loops
It me :v
Sling Tyler
It's is indeed you.
polo fastter
The person behind the bite of 87
Bro I forget how many PS accounts I had over the years. Was probably most known as Serendibite or Rare Sapphire.
Hey everyone! This might be a bit of a stretch, but does anyone remember a small, dark grey Pegasus, with black and green hair? Went by the name Whirlwind. Im looking to reconnect with some old friend...View More
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Corona Lionheart IV
Your name sounds familiar to me. I don't remember if we spoke in PS, but I went by Heart Container back then.
*Edit. I managed to find my old pfp (Cant remember the artist, but it was an amazing gift).. My memory hasn't been the greatest the past couple of years. I took a bad seizure back in 2019, and along with forgetting where I lived, I also forgot names, faces, and dates. If I dont recognize you, please...View More
Hooray! It wasn't lost to time after all!
Yeah, I thought I had it on my DA account. I had to screenshot it from my Battlelog 😂
Icy Creation
Fucks sake. I have seizures that I take medicine to prevent, and that is definitely my largest fear in life. That one day I'll forget to take my medicine, have a seizure, and forget everything. Hope it turned out better than flat awful for you, at least.
You're vaguely familiar.
Carmine Gumshoe
i kind of??? maybe remember you??? familiar, yeah. don’t think we ever talked before. but welcome back!
Kodak S.
I was Fruity Loops (record ban champion) on PS, I demand physical altercations and hate mail immediately.
Ephemeria Spring
god ok that name makes me feel old
Kodak S.
I know right? I think I started the character in like, late 2012 / early 2013 💀
Guardian Flare
Howdy! I'm the same Guardian Flare that was on PS. If you remember me, please come say hi!
Kodak S.
Wait are you or was your OC Irish? :0
Having returned from 'the dead', I guess you can call me a ponysquare refugee if you want. If any of yall recognizes this ol' face, don't hesitate to let me know.
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It's been a few years, some of you may remember me, some may not remember me. I'm quite different since the last time you've seen me that's for sure. But anyway, I'm going to get to the point. I'm her...View More
Maxh Vezpyre
Welcomoh back, hope you find em all
Lightning Flash
Well now. I just randomly looked up PonySquare and this appeared. Hey violet. its bee a while :) miss u a lot. Sorry for late response!
Pony with No Name
Well I too am looking for someone who used to rp as "Nightshade" from the shadowbolts, If anyone knows anything please let me know
Queen Blu Moon
I miss PonySquare ugh. I had so many good friends there.
Whispy Willow
Me too 😭😭😭ponysquare was amazing
Queen Blu Moon
It absolutely was 😩😭😭 its a shame it shut down. Like I want to get back into using my ponysona but like so much has changed since PS days
Midnight Star
I miss it all the time tbh. I loved it so much.
polo fastter
Silver Shield
I don't miss how cringe I was back then though I can tell ya that :D
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