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Chiller Sway

Wanting bap to snoot

Male. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on December 19, 1999
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Pretty much season 6
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Chiller Sway
Wow I've enjoyed logging into this site again. Especially seeing there are still longer character posts being made, that stuff inspires me, I don't know how you still do it. I do wish you guys would ...View More
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Chiller Sway
Update: Um So navigating the blogs is broken. I ended up going from March 2022 to May 2018 Hmmmmm Update 2: Electric Boogaloo: Logging in as another character lets me scroll down the blogs with no problem. I'm not gonna question it
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Well, I have a bunch of episodic friendship letters, and I even finally posted my backstory at the beginning of the year.
Chiller Sway
Maybe posting a little encouragement will help motivate myself :squee: If you wanna post a big cool story with your character, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. I've been tryin...View More
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I need to take notes from you because your seafoam posts inspires me to do the same with Hawk. Problem is, unlike Seafoam, Hawk has nopony to talk to
Chiller Sway
Dang ain't nobody gotta take notes from me, I gotta learn from the smart people I see here. I don't find it entirely unreasonable for Hawk to have an animal companion. Not as though he'd have intellectual conversations with them of course, but it'd give him something to bounce off his internal thoug...View More
Been thinking about Hawk getting a pet, something like a hawk, falcon or bald eagle. I think it'd suit his personality the best, you think?
Chiller Sway
I think it would work, but having a hawk would be a little on the nose :P Could go the bird route. Might try some breeds of dogs. Maybe a lizard Hawk keeps because of the cool pattern on its back?
On the nose is exactly Hawk's sense of style. But if a lizard is your suggestion, perhaps an alligator/crocodile or komodo dragon. Something that really shouts a message by just merely existing.
Chiller Sway
Day 6 of editing this post about my favorite horse until I am motivated enough to write her story. June 14: Recently I've had to assess what I'm doing with my "Bermuda Triangle" story, where Seafoam...View More
Rosa Cavalier
Rosa shall watch from a distance with plenty of bloodcorn™.
Chiller Sway
Tl;Dr, I've always been very thankful for this blog, and want to reflect on my changes as a person since all the drama around Pride Month used to happen on this site. It feels like I've come a long wa...View More
Chiller Sway
With CA's necroposting rule, please don't comment on the original blog linked. Thanks.
Chiller Sway
Mental image that I could not get out of my head: Chiller Sway in socks. Now he wear sock on his leg. Doesn't he look so happy? Thanks Denali for drawing him!
Galactica Stardust
Omg he's adorable!
Coronet Cresthaven
pony!!! In socks!!!!
Queen of Corruption
Give me the socks and no one gets hurt
Corona Lionheart IV
Chiller Sway, who is at HarmonyCon, managed to get one of my favorite MLP youtubers to say hi to me. Lol, those who know who LittleShyFiM is, Chiller Sway got me an audio clip of him calling me Cornbr...View More
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Chiller Sway
This is a hypothetical conversation between Seafoam and Sway that probably never happened. Enjoy anyways
"Sway, have you heard the saying 'It's about the journey, not the destination'?" "Well, yeah...View More
Chiller Sway
I might make a part two because this conversation didn't go where I was planning. Also it's weird to have something that's all dialogue and no descriptions. I was going to do more dynamic things with it but with the tone change at the end I didn't know how to continue
Chiller Sway
Why yes I should continue my Seafoam Wake series it's wonderfully fulfilling to write interesting encounters for my most interesting character 2 minutes in: Did someone say play Tetris instead?
Chiller Sway
Just wanted to say before the night is out that I had fun in the Carmine event. He did the live readings in a little Discord server and we had some good fun. Just a good. Now back to my regular night
Demonic H Hooves
Real mfters know why hoofcuffs of lust is the best shit ever
Fickle Mizzle
Sad I was too sleepy to make it :C
Chiller Sway
I just logged in today to say I'm excited for the Carmine event submissions I hope this increases idk hype or something idk let's have fun.
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