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Male. Lives in SPACE,  Limbo,  Beyond Equestria. Born on March 25, 1998
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ive been staring at a base thats p2u for like 3 days, its only like 10 bucks. should i get it?
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"i tryed and draw myself again" he sticks out his tongue" // again i'm not a artist i just found this base while looking around on FA // base was by DarcysArt on furraffinty
Charlie Gabriel Blaze
I shall name my brony husbandos and waifus (In random selection, I love them all the same): Bright Brave Love Struck Puddlers Shadow Dust Lenore Torch ;) Comp Dracofire CloudDasher Captain Sky ...View More
#rp zeth was writing in his journal just a normal after noon using the glow of his visor to see what he was writing, but as soon as you walk up he slams his book shut then blushes "oh um hi?"
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Bright Brave
“Hi.” 😠
"no brave" he snickers
Bright Brave
Whispy Willow
“Eeeek!” Whisp jumped a few feet in the air from the unexpected slamming of the book before falling back to the ground. “Ooooh, sorry about that. I just saw you dropped this and wanted to return it!” She handed over the fallen object- one quill and a few bits.
"well i didnt drop my book i just closed it is all.." he shyly says
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