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Icy Creation

Female. Lives in  Everfree Forest,  Equestria. 23 years old
Unicorn Windigo Hybrid
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Most of them.
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House Coltenheim
Icy Creation
You know, I'm just now realizing Not really a pony thing, but Artemis's post about space games probably inspired me thinking about it, I think my first ever /real/ game was an Ace Combat game. Probabl...View More
King Artemis
Rent-free living ladies and gentleman. All part of my master plan, which is to basically become a notion of motivation with the most random things. This will surely help myself in aide of being granted a banish button.
Icy Creation
My first post in a month or two, and it's not even about MLP. This is even coming before I get the motivation to start checking in on my old and waiting RPs! But it's worth it. Does anybody else reme...View More
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Vy Thresh
I remember Fate, I liked it a fair bit. Used to come pre-installed on some laptops, haha. It's on Steam nowadays iirc.
Lord Nebulous Coltenheim
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Icy Creation
I need to start checking in more often than once a day I keep seeing posts I would love to put a reply under, but then I see '6 hours ago' or '14 hours ago' and suddenly I feel like it would be equiv...View More
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus would hug Icy.* Its alright. I know that feeling. It hard to accept sadly.
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