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Icy Creation

Female. Lives in  Everfree Forest,  Equestria. 25 years old
Unicorn Windigo Hybrid
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Ice! Inventions! Heavily and actively repressed trauma! Treehouses! Manticore venom hot sauce! We've got it all here, mates!
Erudite#0291 For if you want my Discord.
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Most of them.
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Icy Creation
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Icy Creation
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Icy Creation
Oh no! That's why the Tantabus story was updating so quickly! The author was /finishing/ it, they just changed status to Complete! I mean, I guess that means I'm no longer recommending an incomplete s... View More
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Icy Creation Have not recommended this story in at least a few months, and a new arc was just added to it, so I might as well. Anyone intereste... View More
Icy Creation I've been into Rain World stuff for a little bit. And I've found many fun videos I'd like to share. But none of them have held as m... View More
Icy Creation
I just got Rain World and started playing it Not completely blind because I spoiled a little bit, but I'd say mostly blind I love it Everything is fucking terrifying. Not because it tries to be- the ... View More
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Polo Fastter
slug cat?
Like May 13, 2023
Icy Creation
Slugcat Slug and cat in one perfect being
Like May 14, 2023
Icy Creation This just appeared on my youtube homepage This is actually genuinely amazing. A little bit cursed, to be fair, but quite interesting still.
Icy Creation Watch it, this is actually amazing. Genuinely. If this goes nowhere I will be extraordinarily saddened.
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Icy Creation
Finally read Anthropology Favorite depiction of human-crazy Lyra I've seen so far. Also, yeah actually, Lyra /isn't/ really a pony name, is it, it isn't a word like most. Kind of sad Bon never came a... View More
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