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Icy Creation

Female. Lives in  Everfree Forest,  Equestria. 22 years old
Unicorn Windigo Hybrid
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Most of them.
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Icy Creation
Why do I come home and have seventy-three notifications? I have never had that many before.
Demonic H Hooves
1 notification= 1 love you're just extra loved today
Chow Chow
Gotta get those numbers up!
Icy Creation
(Over time, I've started... /Heavily/ increasing with how often I start an RP chain under someone's post, and then just end up leaving them hanging. I hate it, it pains me in many ways. Most notably t...View More
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Chow Chow
Write write write
Icy Creation
You know, I've never really thought about this. What is the public posting section of the site called, generally? I mean, I've always called it the Wall, but the site's sidebar calls it the "'Plaza'",...View More
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Luz Noceda
//and then theres me who uses twitter so much I call it a timeline
The Developer
It's easy! Wall is on a specific profile. Plaza is the entire homepage. Feed is the timeline on the plaza.
Icy Creation
You know, I never have been much of one to post on the Wall about my character outside of OOC mode, always talking about Icy as her author instead of her narrator or as her. And while that might chang...View More
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Silver Shield
What kinda upgrades o:
Icy Creation
Just generally more cybernetic additions. Like her wings, only probably far less significant.
Silver Shield
Ooh, well that doesn't sound bad!
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