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Vinyl Scratch

Female. Lives in Ponyville,  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on April 1, 1997
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Aurora Atlas Nightclub
Entertainment » Fictional Character
The Castle
183 Members
velvet estelle blood velvet (smol ling filly}
the light blue unicorn softly walked by the village doing abit of exploreing she was carrying a map some nets a book and some goggles she softly hummed to herself as she sat under a tree pulling out a...View More
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Green Leaf
"Ah the great DJ, Vinyl Scratch. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
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Heya there, thank you for the friendsie ^~^
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Vinyl Scratch
That nightclub was awesome thank you alll sooooo much for joining!
Chiller Sway
Not a problem, just wish I hadn't passed out so early.
Vinyl Scratch
I'm very happy for all of the people who entered the nightclub, without you guys Vinyl would've been homeless, since she funded so much into that nightclub, sooo be proud of yourselves, later I will a...View More
Vinyl Scratch
Dr. Marina Bleu Zero The Ermine Silver Shield Ember Rose Princess Unikitty Zaten Inkwll, Violet Petal, Nar Kazunah, these people are good rpers and I'm thankful they chose to step into the nightclub.
<3 lemme tag Nar Kazunah for you as well
Dr. Marina Bleu
Princess Unikitty
//Didn't know the bar for good RP would be so low I'd get included :p
Chiller Sway
Unfortunately Petal does not have friends with anybody outside of Princess Corona. So I'm here as her admin to acknowledge that I saw this post and thanks for the compliment! I try my best most times.
Vinyl Scratch
I am saying again, it's been an hour so far and the chatroom nightclub is still open, sooooo if any of you are interested. Please stop by, don't be scared I don't bite~ I setup a whole playlist system...View More
Corona Lionheart IV
I hope it does well! I’m not home so can’t come around right now
Vinyl Scratch
Okay, the chatroom has started. Please come and make sure to enjoy yourselves, I hope that this project I worked hard on will do a lot better in the future, and I might even fund a monthly radio stati...View More
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