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Nar Kazunah

Male. Lives in Toronto,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. 21 years old
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Nar Kazunah
"If I had one regret about my life, I'd say it's the fact that I never helped anyone. I tried my hardest to be there for the ones who needed me, but I never thought about trying to help myself. In the...View More
Nar Kazunah
"Here it is. Finally. I can restore my family to it's former glory." The tall, slender unicorn seemed awash with joy. Behind him stood Nar. In front of him was an ornately designed door with his famil...View More
Nar Kazunah
The large, empty hallway was full of "natural" light, but there was no warmth here. The air was as cold as the stone surrounding it. It's deathly silent until the door on the east end of the hallway i...View More
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Nar Kazunah
The biting cold of the Frozen north was starting to get to Nar. Sure Vanhoover got cold in the winter, but it was nothing compared to this. Out here there was nothing to buffet the strong wind. Nowher...View More
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Lock On
He would probably wake up with a mask on and takes orders from a talking banana to start murdering armed senior citizens. Or worse, a prisoner who breaks out and fights a lamp with mental health issues, father time in speedos, and the Cyclops from the Spongebob movie. Either way, he'd see Lock On ...View More
Nar Kazunah
"No! Far from it! It's just that usually I run into a door by now!" Nar takes a moment to think before deciding to ask "How did you get here?! I didn't see any other doors or anything! Usually you can only get to subspace through subspace doors!"
Nar Kazunah
This pick up was slightly different than many of the others he had done before. With heavy clothing, and a thick parka wrapped around his body Nar trudges through the snow of the Frozen North. He coul...View More
Nar Kazunah
//Artwork has been acquired. It's new character time.
Those are fun times
Nar Kazunah
Despite his best efforts, Nar was not able to find anyone to get pizza with him. Nar goes to get pizza by himself anyway. He heads to a local pizza parlor. After ordering Nar takes a seat at a table n...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar prestidigitates your midnight snack to taste like a ghost pepper. He quickly flees the scene before he can be caught, but hides somewhere where he can watch your reaction.
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Zaten knows what Nar did someone due to perhaps a higher power's extreme hatred for spicy things and thus the bug chases Nar with a broomstick.
Nar Kazunah
Nar emerges from a nearby bush screaming "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" He turns and begins to run only to smack face first into a light post, and knock himself unconscious.
Nar Kazunah
Nar enters the Vanhoover mall with a boombox in tow. He makes his way to an open space near the fountain in the middle of the mall, and makes sure he can be seen. He sets the boombox down, and plays a...View More
Rainbow Dash
Best dance ever, 12/10
I have a goal now
She frantically claps, tears streaming down her face.
i'm so confused but okay
Nar Kazunah
Nar decides to commit a random act of kindness today. You're the first pony he sees. "Hey! You there! Are you hungry, or thirsty? C'mon. I'll buy you a meal." He'd take no for an answer, but not witho...View More
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Zaten gives Nar a brownie for offering. "I don't need a meal, go find another pony to be kind to! And here's a brownie, because brownie points deserve brownies too!"
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