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Nar Kazunah

Male. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. 21 years old
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Nar Kazunah
Ponyville was once a place Nar had called 'home.' He may not have lived there long, but it was still home. Looking at the town from afar he couldn't help but doubt his decisions. Was he really about t...View More
Nar Kazunah
When one of your towns citizens suffers an attack by a 'dragon' rumors tend to spread pretty quickly. A young, defiant stallion has decided to see for himself if the rumors are true. His friends and f...View More
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Nar Kazunah
"I was put on this planet for only one purpose. To destroy. I am an instrument of destruction. I destroy so that new life can bloom, and new things can be made. I destroy, because no one else will. Be...View More
Nar Kazunah
Moving to the mountainside has proven to be no help to Nar whatsoever. Despite distancing himself from society he just can't seem to clear his mind. He's tried meditating, hunting, and many other thin...View More
Nar Kazunah
It's a busy morning for Nar. He's frantically hurrying all over Ponyville running errands. The first thing he did this morning was take Charlie out of her pen, and drop her off at a farm hoping the fa...View More
Nar Kazunah
The usual calm,friendly atmosphere that permeated through Ponyville was off today. The townsfolk were startled. Something had happened last night that scared them. Nar had heard the news upon entering...View More
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Nar Kazunah
It had been a long work day for one farmer on the outskirts of Ponyville. He was tending to his cattle before retiring for the night while the rest of Ponyville was preparing to sleep. "That'll just a...View More
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Nar Kazunah
Nar had been helping out with the re-construction of Las Pegasus for the past few weeks. It was hard work, but he knew is magic could be put to good use here. After all, where else would they find som...View More
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Flim,? Flam and the las pegasus workforce assisted in this effort. It would seem that the cuty has nearly recovered, with many ponies heading back to their homes, and newer buildings being built. Some of the factory was put back into operation, through it was primarily windows and other areas that t...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar has been playing too many horror games with a trashy pizzeria setting, and now he wants to make a RP group with a trashy pizzeria setting. But he knows it likely wouldn't take off, so for now he b...View More
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Azure Moon
Enigma would chuckle softly "Oh boy, the amount of times I've been called to see if a old defunct pizzeria is haunted or not.."
Nar Kazunah
It had taken him a while, but Nar finally had it all figured out. He knew why magic seemed to just come to him naturally. Why he never had to study it like the other wizards. Why that zebra had been s...View More
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