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Nar Kazunah

Male. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. 22 years old
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Nar Kazunah
//Here's some story progression no one asked for. Nar had noticed the unusual activity in Ponyville not long ago. Usually when the sun went down the town went quiet. That wasn't the case tonight. God...View More
The Ghostling would take one look at the message blinking a few time's as he was trying to decide if he should track down this pony since he was ponyvile's own Vigilante.
Nar Kazunah
About 60% of Nar's week consisted of foraging. It used to be 90%, but with the tools he traded for, and the garden/tiny farm he'd been able to sow his food problem was finally sorted. No longer would ...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar met a Sphinx guarding some strange cave last night. "In order to pass, you must answer my riddle." The Spinx bellowed. "3x+2=14. Solve for X." Nar has been trying to solve the equation since it w...View More
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Silver Bullet
"X = 4?" Silver said to him, looking at him slightly... worried about the guys own well being, and why she had to answer basic algebra so that she could go buy milk.
Nar Kazunah
Nar emerges from a dense wooded area with torn clothing, and a few large cuts across his side. "Anyone who says nature is beautiful is a lunatic."
He just stares at him, having just been exploring the boreder of the Everfree. "The fuck happened to /you/?"
Nar Kazunah
He just looks utterly confused, "What the fuck is a manticore?" he questions, all four wings flaring out slightly before folding beside him again.
Nar Kazunah
"Big lion-like thing. Giant wings. Claws the size of shortswords. Very hostile, and very painful."
"..." he just stays silent for a seccond, before sighing, "Why must the surface be so goddamn terrifying?"
Nar Kazunah
Nar Kazunah
Nar stares at a huge spider that appears to has made it's web in the corner of his shack above his bed. He's praying it doesn't decide to consume him in his sleep. He really doesn't want to risk destr...View More
Lunar Eclipse
*spider writes the words BEST PONY in its web*
Carmine Gumshoe
Carmine is on standby with rope-knife at the ready.
Nar Kazunah
Now Nar is even more concerned. The last time someone was standing outside of his shack with a weapon they tried to kidnap him.
Carmine Gumshoe
Carmine is full of surprises.
Nar Kazunah
Breaking news: Private Investigator captures wanted criminal and claims 500,000 bit bounty.
Minsa Rousain
Minsa would have offered to help to get it outside if she could.
Nar Kazunah
For the past 10 minutes Nar's attention has been focused on the spit carrying tonight's dinner. Squirrel meat, and a fish he'd managed to catch earlier. A pot of water sits a few feet from the fire pi...View More
Nar Kazunah
Comfort. Was that just an abstract concept, or something that actually existed? Nar didn't know at this point. The half-destroyed tree which Nar's back rested on helped keep him from falling over as h...View More
Minsa Rousain
Excellent writing!!!
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