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Nar Kazunah

Male. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. 22 years old
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Nar Kazunah
It's getting late, and the sun has nearly set. This, Nar has decided, is the perfect time to train. Nar figures he's got the survival stuff down. Which means he needs to focus on exercising, and train...View More
Sean Silvermane
**I was traveling alone along the road to Canterlot when I saw you standing there. I stopped and looked on.** Hello there. Need assistance?
Nar Kazunah
Nar continues to lie face down on the ground, but is able to lift his hoof enough to wave dismissively. It quickly plops back down to his side.
Nar Kazunah
Nar has spent the past hour trying to figure out what happened to the pack of turnip seeds he bought four days ago. He wasn't too happy when he found a group of rabbits gorging themselves on his futur...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar casts prestidigitation on your food so that it always tastes like the last thing you ate. Unless it's something sweet. Then he just makes it taste like spray cheese.
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Chiller Sway
Literally chicken Nice
Amity Guard
Everything tastes like egg. Amity is now egg.
Amity is an egg? Dream supports.
Zerathur "Grey" Naszberuk
Not that it changes much, but now the protoss can't tell the difference between the nutrition bars.
Syncopate Symphony
now i only have to spend half as much on coffee and sushi. YAY!
Fuck Now everything tastes like slim jims Fuck offff I know it's not a good breakfast shhh, I had to hurry so my dog wouldn't be mad at me for being slow and take her for a walk
Nar Kazunah
The next time Hymn has pancakes and eggs for breakfast she's going to taste slim jim eggs, and spray cheese pancakes.
Nar Kazunah
Nar Kazunah
//Commission has been obtained. (Big thanks to Rough Winds for the amazing commission art.) Story post to explain the picture to come soon. TM
Nar Kazunah
Usually when Nar woke up he felt refreshed, but right now he couldn't be any farther from refreshed. He was in quite a lot of pain, but he wasn't dead so that was good. Nar forces himself to sit up de...View More
Nar Kazunah
//Long post ahead. Grab some snacks if you plan to read this. The warm light of the small fire Nar had managed to create was the only light in this vast expanse of forest. The guards who had entered ...View More
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Nar Kazunah
Nar forgot to put the 1 next to the 5 in his intelligence score block.
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Zerathur "Grey" Naszberuk
What is intelligence good for, anyway? History and Religion? Put those points in Wisdom, yer might need it.
Nar Kazunah
Nar does not know what the Wisdom score is, so he put all of his good stats into strength, and constitution. Also charisma because Sorcerer is a charisma caster.
Zerathur "Grey" Naszberuk
As a result, Nar will be very durable and strong, along with being able to easily tell lies and talk his way out of situations. On the other hand, his ability to survive in the wilderness, handle animals, medicate himself, not eat poisonous berries, and find his keys will be severely hampered.
Nar Kazunah
The dense canopy of the forest kept most light from reaching into the forest itself. This was a bit of an issue for Nar. Even though it was the middle of the afternoon he couldn't see without the ligh...View More
Nar Kazunah
It's been almost 7 hours since Nar met that strange old stallion at his shack, and he'd already heard of some strange happenings from Ponyville. A patrol of guards had come up the path to the west sea...View More
Little Luck
Nar Kazunah
Nar could never forget his favorite snack. The sentient chicken drumstick. For even in the darkest times of need, it will always be there. Pleading to be eaten. To be put out of it's misery.
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