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Nar Kazunah

Male. Lives in Glacier Heights Apt#311,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. 23 years old
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Nar Kazunah
"New year, same old piece of crap me." #rp
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"If ye choose tae be"
Nar Kazunah
What a great week it had been so far. Getting to spend so much time with his cousins, drinking with his uncle, and setting a ton of high scores on the local arcade's Guitar Hero: World Tour machine. T...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar and his friend Juno release a Hearth's Warming album where they cover traditional Hearth's Warming songs such as White Christmas Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Feliz Navidad Baby It's Cold Outsi...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar is still pissed that someone has stolen his hat, and has not given it back. He plans to go beat them up soon, but at the moment he's consulting a lawyer on how legal it is for him to do so. Hin...View More
Nar Kazunah
Someone that Nar was delivering a package to called him a elf today. When he jokingly asked why the man thought so he replied. "You work all year round, get one day off a year, do all of the work for...View More
Nar Kazunah
The best food in Vanhoover, and his best friend to accompany him. This was the ideal lunch break for Nar. A perfectly baked tortilla chip smothered in perfectly warm, melted cheese. Nar looked at hi...View More
Nar Kazunah
Nar has spent his entire weekend playing the Pokemon DP remakes. He has caught 7 Buizels, and changes them out daily so they don't have to sit in his box forever. He has no regrets. #rp
Nar Kazunah
Nar plays Miitopia in an attempt to remember what it was like when he had friends. Not nearly as much Tex-Mex as he remembers. #rp
Nar Kazunah
Two rent-a-cop security guards keep their ever-so-slightly intent vigil over the Glorian Amphitheater. One patrols the exterior of the building, while the other stands at the entrance. The guard at ...View More
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Nar Kazunah
//Fuck it. Stupid Nar storyline time. Soft light illuminates Nar's room from his curtained window. His eyes slowly begin to open as he gradually wakes from a deep slumber following a long shift at wo...View More
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