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Dr. Lilith Sawbones

Female. Lives in  Manehattan,  Equestria. Born on July 26, 1990
Earth pony
Roleplay Universe
Canon/adapted canon. Can do certain AU's.
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Dr. Lilith Sawbones
Lilith has one of those worms-on-a-string toys laying across her mask’s beak. She’s just reading a book. It appears she hasn’t noticed it yet. #rp
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Huckleberry's brows furrowed in confusion at the sight before him, yet he couldn't bring himself to look away! It was a sight so strange to have been seen it befuddled his mind, and practically rendered him speechless as it took him a moment to find the words to say to the stranger. "Pardon, ma'am...View More
Dr. Lilith Sawbones
Lilith gave a glance to Huckleberry when he approached. She was used curious eyes following her wherever she be, but they were almost always shrugged off. Only when they spoke did she give her full attention. Needless to say, she was pretty confused! “Hm? I don’t need one, thank you.” She may hav...View More
"Is that so?" Huckleberry asked in surprise, his eyes darting between her own and the long colorful thing occupying the beak of her mask. A slight grimace crossed his features at the thought of proclaiming something so long had protruded from her snout; but a stallion would never announce something ...View More
Prince Starwatcher
hey lillth..there seems to be something on your beak..
It takes all of Grub's will power, not to mention it. In an effort to ignore it, he covers his entire field of view with his own book 'Kingdom of Lies.' God, the library can be such a strange place sometimes. What a weirdo over there with the plague mask... he rolls his eyes.
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus climbed out of a green pipe that was in the ground. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Trip Wire
"Doctor Sawbones, please help me. My funny bone is out of control, I can't stop cracking sick jokes and everybody around me keeps dying from laughter."
Trip Wire
"Having me around is your birthday gift, happy birthday."
Dr. Lilith Sawbones
Lilith wrinkled her nose, though the mask’s barrier made it hard to see. “There’s no such thing as a funny bone. Do you mean the—” Just like that, it clicked. “Oh,” she said flatly. “You were joking. Ha ha. Ha.”
Trip Wire
"...The what?"
Dr. Lilith Sawbones
sawbones is back but i can’t change the cover photo from the big top, i’m so fucking mad SHE’S A SERIOUS CHARACTER I PROMISE I’M HAVING A HARD TIME
Ephemeria Spring
it is now a permanent stain of her true nature :pensive:
Stardusk Strider
You can delete the photo, and i believe that would remove it
Dr. Lilith Sawbones
don’t offer me solutions, let me cry
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Wdym, it perfectly matches her aesthetic
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