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Asuka Yakushi

Female. Lives in Lunae Mountain,  Equestria. Born on July 7, 1998
Earth Pony
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Asuka Yakushi
"Rule #1 of not getting hurt. Don't do something if it's 'for the meme.' You will get hurt, and I will laugh at you after you leave my ambulance."
Chiller Sway
Comically large bap? Oh who am I kidding. A bap would never get sir cast-iron-snoot into an ambulance.
Silver Bullet
Bet. Horseshoes can do the trick.
Chiller Sway
Pls do it bap
Tomahawk Chop
"Wait, so... Do you laugh at me EVERY time I leave your ambulance, then?"
Asuka Yakushi
".....Well you aren't Laughing... and i'm in your....Whatever it's called and beside'.... i Wasn't doing a meme, i was triyng to save a filly in a tree!"