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Asuka Yakushi

Female. Lives in Lunae Mountain,  Equestria. Born on July 7, 1998
Earth Pony
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Asuka Yakushi
//Wisdom teeth were removed today. That was fun.
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The Developer
Now you're even wiser.
Asuka Yakushi
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
I wish that were true for me but I'm still dumb as hell sadly.
Chow Chow
Did they give good drugs?
Asuka Yakushi
Asuka is up early today. She's made herself a thermos of coffee, and has donned all of her gear to set out for the day. If she wanted to get serious about her idea, she was going to need to scout out...View More
Asuka Yakushi
"I'm going to miss being busy all the time, but I guess I could do something with all of this new free time." Asuka ponders for a while. "Choose your own path, and Lunae will help you along..." "I ...View More
Asuka Yakushi
It's dark, the ground is cold, and hard, and Asuka's ears won't stop ringing. She tries blinking to see if it will help with her eyes feeling so heavy, but she still finds herself slipping out for a f...View More
Asuka Yakushi
"Stad!" Asuka slowly opens one of her eyes. She's not quite sure what she just heard, but it appears that the Wendigo in front of her had stopped moving. The ensuing silence feels like it lasts a li...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Keep moving. Just keep moving. For the love of Lunae. Don't. Stop. Moving. It knows where you are. It knows how to track you. It knows you're terrified. Stop moving for a second, and you're dead. T...View More
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Astral Empyrean
We've been trying to reach you about your snowmobile's extended warranty. (I'm sorry, I had to)
Asuka Yakushi
In terms of information Asuka at least had an idea of what might have happened to Nautis. Based on what little tidbits of information she'd been able to collect during her time in the city she knows w...View More
Asuka Yakushi
The silence everywhere throughout what used to be Nautis was near-maddening. Not a sound to be heard for miles except for the soft crunch of Asuka's hoofsteps. In the midst of the snow, and concrete A...View More
Asuka Yakushi
It was eerie just how quite a city as large as this one was. It was abandoned, but Asuka just wasn't used to a city being so quiet. She expected to hear something. Yet there wasn't a sound to be heard...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Concrete structures nearly jut above the clouds in a city long forgotten. It's many smaller structures and streets are covered with decades of snow, leaving a compact top layer that seemed to be about...View More
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