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Asuka Yakushi

Female. Lives in Lunae Mountain,  Equestria. Born on July 7, 1998
Earth Pony
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Asuka Yakushi
How much longer would it be until he found his sister? How much longer would he have to endure this? Just where even WAS Flyn? Would he ever be able to find her, and if he did, would they be able to g...View More
Asuka Yakushi
An involuntary groan escapes from Grounder's mouth as the world around him slowly fades back from black. Uhg. What happened? Where is he? After taking a moment to let his vision clear Grounder shakes ...View More
Asuka Yakushi
It's been almost two weeks since they'd started the climb. Asuka had learned much about the two teens she was guiding during that time. Much more than she had thought she would. Two siblings with nobo...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Insert multi-paragraph lore post here. #rp
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
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Insert character-development story-line here
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Asuka Yakushi
Far up in the northern reaches of Equestria, a bus churns snow as it approaches a lone shack sitting in front of the backdrop of Mount Lunae. Unlike the one Asuka had ridden here so many times before,...View More
Asuka Yakushi
All alone in the northernmost reaches of Equestria, a mare sits atop the summit of Lunae Mountain watching the stars in the sky. The sound of an alarm going off alerts her to the coming of the new yea...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Though Asuka had been up for a few hours now (still couldn't shake her old sleep schedule) she hadn't actually went downstairs until now. To her surprise, neither her parents, nor her sister were awak...View More
Asuka Yakushi
There was something about all the little lights put up all around Ponyville that captivated Asuka. Sure, Vanhoover had its own holiday lights on street lamps and such, but they just felt different her...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Asuka didn't think it was possible, but it appeared the weather had decided to prove her wrong today. For the first time in a while, Asuka woke up to find Ponyville blanketed in a sheet of snow. Logic...View More
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