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Asuka Yakushi

Female. Lives in Glacier Heights Apt#311,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. Born on July 7, 1998
Earth Pony
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Asuka Yakushi
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//No long story to go with this one. Credit to Paul Robertson for the original spritework. Asuka and Roy edits by me. Having just been released from the hospital Asuka would have thought she would ha...View More
Asuka Yakushi
It had been a long time since Asuka had found herself in a hospital as a patient. Waking up in a hospital bed was slightly jarring, all things considered. One moment she was having a conversation wi...View More
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Along with the doctor Sherem came with his full guard armor and said "my apologies for interrupting"
Asuka Yakushi
Asuka Yakushi
How many more attempts would it take to break her? How many more times could she be sent back to the very start until she gave in? Maddy couldn't believe how many times her other half had tried to su...View More
Asuka Yakushi
After a long, arduous descent from what was nearly the summit of Mount Lunae the shadow finally manages to reach the foot of the mountain. With Armand hot on it's heels it trudges through the snow. It...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Close. That was too close. Maddy thought that by now her other half would have learned her place. Instead, she nearly summitted the mountain to get into contact with whatever that blue glow was. Eve...View More
Asuka Yakushi
They had to be close now. Asuka could feel it. She isn't sure how long they'd been climbing, but with the blue glow atop the mountain to spur them on they've been making great strides. With each ridge...View More
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Me reading every entry to this story
Asuka Yakushi
The snow all around was near blinding. Asuka could hardly see 10 feet in front of her, but she knows exactly where she is. She's been here before. Many times. Though this time she wasn't alone. While ...View More
Asuka Yakushi
Things had been quite calm lately. Asuka was used to her routine by now. Her roomate was still as quiet as ever, and her reflection would even stop shouting, and slamming her hooves more often. She fi...View More
Bright Brave
My God your writing is good.
Asuka Yakushi
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