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King Artemis
by on October 23, 2023
(Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are exaggerated actions and views of what my Character views them as, as well as what they think the actions of them would be. This is in no way myself speaking or claiming to know how your character acts or would act. If your characters are mentioned, note that I don't claim to these actions to be Canon nor possible. This is all simple deception and theory to drive a story narrative for my Character)
The night is upon me. The sounds of darkness are back to enter my mind as I drift to sleep. He's back. He always comes back. He haunts me. He taunts me. He seeks control. Control over me. Control over my Kingdom. Control over my Magic. He appears before me, in vast darkness. Nothing is around us. Nothing but the unknown. Dark Fog and still water below our hooves. His presence is upsetting. An Alicorn of Darkness, with a Devil's horn and serpent eyes. He speaks to me. He always speaks to me. But I can't speak back. I won't speak back. For speaking to him will only make his presence real. And making him real is something I won't allow. For he is already real. Real and waiting. 
"Do the right thing, Lord of Darkness. Protect your Kingdom. It is your life. It is your Family's life. Your Futures family's life. It is on the rise to being what it was meant to be. The Most powerful Kingdom in not only the land. But of this whole world. You and your Queen. Seize power where you taste it. You have all the power others could only dream of. You are more then just a Dark Lord of Arcane. Now? You are a deity. A god amongst these....insects. These subjects. These......other world invaders. Deal with them as they should be dealt with. For it is your destiny to build a Kingdom. You defeated me for power. Use it."
I don't speak in response to his words. His words are a poison. His words are nothing but greed and hunger for more. He speaks for no care towards any but himself. I know this. I have known this. But yet? He still speaks. 
My view changes in front of me. I see the darkness mold into objects. Structures. Figures. I can feel grass beneath my hooves. I am now in Canterlot park. A reconstruction of it. In front of me, I see the large trees at the center of the park. Three ponies are underneath them. I know them. My Queen, and my two daughters. Lesa, Kirra, and Lilith. They are having a picnic. They are smiling. Laughing. Enjoying life as it is meant to be enjoyed. Peaceful with quiet. They look towards me, soon smiling more as they see me. 
"This is what you desire yes? Peace within your Kingdom. A happy day to day life filled with memories to savor and make. You seek true happiness amongst the Kingdom? No worries? A boring existence. If you seek such a dream? It is yours to make reality. Just give in to my power. Master my power. Understand my views. Rid yourself of the obstacles."
My view changes once more as I continue to not respond. Responding is something that must not be done. It can't be done. I'm in control. 
The scenery is new. There is yelling. Their is screaming. I'm seeing familiar figures. I'm in a place I'm not sure of. There is fire around me. There is blood beneath me. In front of me was a frightening sight. Stickman was before me. The self-proclaimed hero was before me. Beside him, oh no, beside him was a terrible sight. His sister was lifeless. His comrades followed the same pattern of no motion. They all laid motionless, not a breath in them.  His wife is at a distance, crying. She appears drained. She was in a fight. A fight she lost. My Lunars were blocking her from myself. My powerful Lunars fueled with Arcane. Stickman's wife was holding their child. The Child is crying. Stickman was starring at me. He had a face I've never seen the likes of on him. Rage. Pure Rage. Hatred. Unkindled hatred. He was overtaken by a bloodlust. He wants me dead. He needs me dead. I did this. I've ended his friends. And for that? He seeks to avenge them. He seeks to tear me apart. Behind him is water. A lake of water. It is bottomless. Somehow I knew this. How did I know? I'm planning to drown him. For eternity. 
"The self-proclaimed heroes. A disgusting bunch. Hypocrites. Selfish without admitting it. They claim to be heroes sent to protect. But all they do is drag our world into problems they attract. Problems you are being forced to aide in resolving. These problems will continue as long as they are around. They must be dealt with. Eliminated. Their lives for the lives of many in your Kingdom.
The imagination of Stickman lunges towards me in a fit of rage. I cannot fight back. I refuse to! I shield myself only for him to disappear. The scenery is changing again. 
I now stand before a mighty Wolf. A Wolf larger in size and as powerful as a deity. He is a King of his own right. I'm in his throne room. All around us. Blood and war. Lunars dead. His soldiers dead. Just myself and him. Knight Wolf. He has a smile upon his face. He has enjoyed the fight. He doesn't seek to kill me for revenge. He seeks to do so as an honor. He's happy. Was I a worthy opponent? No...No! This is all wrong! A blade in the grasps of my magic. The Sword of Light and Darkness. The Artifact I've stowed away for drastic measures. Who started this? Was it him? No.....No....somehow I knew I started this war. My mind is racing. I want to kill him. I have to kill him. I will skin him. 
"This creature is nothing but a threat. He isn't worth breathing the same air of this world. What he seeks is nothing but amusement. He will grow. He will expand. He will attempt to swallow your Kingdom. He is nothing more then a worthless pup. One that ran away from home because home wouldn't keep him. You must put him out of his misery.
The scenery is changing again. Keep silent. Don't respond. This all is pointless to listen to! This isn't even close to being accurate. All this is just an delusions of how he views these creatures. Truly these creatures I've met wouldn't fall nor act in such ways. It is all just his conclusion. I won't take it for word!
A knew scenery is before me. I'm in the library of my Castle, overlooking a portal that is before me. I'm seeing figures before me. They are familiar to me once more. Soma, Sylvia, and Obsilion. They are bonded by some Arcane magic, constraining them. It isn't a magic I didn't think I was capable of. It was so powerful. Almost to the point that I felt drained. I was in the act of doing something cruel. I was about to banish them. I didn't seek to kill them. I didn't find it fair as they've been good to me. That they haven't caused me trouble. I sought to banish them for good. Amongst the galaxies. Put a seal that they can't reach this world. This was mercy. 
All three stared at me. No happiness or Anger. No....worse. Disappointment. My actions. My current act. My choice. I have disappointed them greatly. They wouldn't meet my gaze. They refused to. I had lost their respect. As is deserved of me. I took the final step, ready to push them all into the void that was the portal. 
"They are nothing more then unsure creatures. You can't predict their motives. Their actions. They keep secrets. Secrets from you. You can't allow that. They might plot in the shadows. In the darkness of your Kingdom. A secretive ally becomes a threat in mere moments. You must deal before it is too late"
The world around me shift a change in view once more. 
Their is a sadness in the air. I'm in the forest, feeling bark from roots near a tree. I'm hearing the sounds of wind brush through the leaves. Suddenly....I look before. Below me. Ghostbit. He's on the ground. Curled up. He's in pain. Is he....injured? He's sad. So very sad. He won't cry. He's too brave to cry. He's hurt. He's bleeding. Can Ghostling's bleed? He's looking at me in sadness and shock. No....No! I couldn't have! I can't! I won't! Ghostbit has done nothing to deserve this! I wouldn't do this without reason either! This isn't me! It isn't!!
"He was an obstacle that you were letting go unchecked.
"Enough!!!!!" I shouted back. I responded back. I demanded an end to this foolish works of fiction before me. My anger had risen. My Arcane had spiked. The delusions purged themselves. All that stood now was him. He stood before me. A twisted smile on his face. A proud smile. 
"There he is. Lord of Darkness. You finally let him out. Good. Keep at that? You'll be ruling this world in no time. Hold to that rage. To that distrust. For to protect this kingdom? is best to keep a powerful presence at all times. See you tomorrow night."
He disappeared. The landscape was no longer black. All that was left was the mind. I survived another night. That is good. Everything is good. Everything is okay. I'm calm. I'm collected. 
I'm in control. 
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Obsilion and Others
What's funny is....I think the depiction of my characters are actually kinda accurate as a possible ending to that scenario. It actually would be possible that they would let something like that happen, especially if a contingency plan was already set in motion. Eventually there would be a way back.... View More
Like October 23, 2023
//welp given how my character is your character wouldn't know so honestly in my point of view she'd probably act in two ways one being as a "self proclaimed hero" granted as it's something your character wouldn't be familiar with she'd probably act differently as she'd somewhat feel as if she unders... View More
Like October 23, 2023
Knight Wolf
I am very satisfied with your description of knight, the only thing is that he didnt run away from the other world, he is just popping in and out of this one for fun pretty much at the end of his canon lore, but other than that well done, its makes me want to make that scene come true now.
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Queen Lesa
Phew~ finally got around to reading it got quite busy this afternoon, but I must say you certainly put a lot of effort into this~ it certainly was an interesting read, but you forgot one thing during the picnic Arty himself wasn't there. ;P Then again he was seeing it in a dream prospective. Neverth... View More
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