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by on 10 hours ago
Many centuries ago... Deep in the Everfree Forest a long, ferocious battle was coming to an end... William was tired, battered, and loosing blood fast. If the manticore didn't kill him, the blood loss and venom coursing through his body would. However his injuries didn't deter his spirit, his will to fight on. He had to slay this beast, he absolutely had to! The stallion spat out a bit of blood and pushed himself up with the end of his spear, breathing ragged and sight growing blurry. He coul...
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by on 21 hours ago
//Ey! It's Tony lore time! "Captain's log number one. Equis Date 4/6/2179. This is Captain Nathaniel Vreems of the starship Reconnoiter. Our crew departed from Equestria exactly one week ago. We've just reached the edge of the Equis star system, and are making plans to head for the Kepler22 star system in order to investigate Kepler-22b for the possible habitation of Equestrians on the planet. Our mission is largely an expeditionary, and scientific one, but we have been granted the power ...
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by on Yesterday, 5:34 am
"Where are we? It's… so dark." She heard the adolescent teen express a soft concern from her back; eyes kept focused on the dark steps descending the stairwell with a beat of excitement pulsing her heart. Her calm gentle pace seemed to vanish any trace of initial worry, reverberating down and up the narrow steps. "It's alright, 'Phee, the lights are just really old here - and afternoon! I was wondering if you were going to wake anytime soon," the mare cheerily whispered over, only to receive a...
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by on Yesterday, 3:44 am
--Warning! It has a bit of violent language. While dulled down, it is still violent. If anyone wants a full version then I can make one. Discretion advised.-- Brimstone doesn't always win without pulling out his real ability. While he can control blood, it is weak in comparison. In truth, he had died on his third day of being on earth. He was hiding in shadows as he was being hunted. He hid behind a tree as three knights of the sun were looking for him. He was seen as a danger...
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by on Yesterday, 12:54 am
Albho was a very small village hidden inside a cave deep within the Crystal Mountains, a veritable asylum close to the Frozen North. Despite it being a cave, there was a luminescence shimmering from the town, gems and crystals lining the roof of the cave above the wooden huts and cabins that the inhabitants called home. Unlike most villages and cities, there were a variety of species living here: Pegasi that had developed thicker and more complex feather layers, griffins with similar adaptations...
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by on Yesterday, 8:06 pm
No pony knows what has become of Solaris's only son the mother passed away after childbirth and then taken in and raised by cherry's long time friend Sky a blue pegasus. Northern Equestria was now ruled by the crystal empire with Cadence and Shining armor as their rulers. The city coltenheim and the lands surrounding it were abandoned and unpopulated save for a few dragons that lived in the mountains. The years passed and now Princess Twilight Sparkle now rules Equestria which has become more di...
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by on Yesterday, 8:04 pm
Fortune Smiled on the 3rd prince for his life was not as abrupt as his fathers he was born during Coltenheim's golden age where the rule of Zane Nighthooves was long and fruitful. Such as the renegotiation of the norths Autonomy and managed to make the city and its lands into sovereign territory that still answered to Celestia and Luna and the restoration of the north and the integration of dragons and griffins into the fold. Prince Solaris 3rd to the throne not only had caring parents like his ...
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by on Yesterday, 8:03 pm
The second Coltenheim prince Zane Nighthooves son of the first prince Coltenheim was born sometime before discord rose to power the years of his youth were enjoyable spending time with his parents and them raising him as best as they could. Especially prince Coltenheim him self teaching his son the responsibility and weight of being a good leader and the consequences of those actions. Coltenheim didn't want his son to worry about his unsteady relationship with Celestia and Luna after the first n...
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by on Yesterday, 8:02 pm
After princess platinum, commander hurricane, and chancelor pudding lead there subjects out of the frozen north there were some who stayed behind that clinged to hope that the windigos would disapear but it took longer then they thought crops died and ponies died left and right meanwhile a alicorn warrior with a blond mane and tail and coat returned from gathering food in the wilderness and he was the exact height as any normal pony his name was coltenheim while the ponies of the village was in ...
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by on Yesterday, 8:01 pm
In the darkness a door opens as light shines into a massive library "I been witness to many things" said the mysterious pony in his thoughts "death....war......peace and most of all treachery and now I look back on my bloodline realizing that we came so far and fought for something that started small then turned into something bigger" he continues to walk down the halls of the library as he trots over to a large thick and dusty book titles "history of Northern Equestria and bloodlines of prince...
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by on May 23, 2020
A cloud of steam left his breath as the red stallion looked out towards the snow swirling and blanketing the mountain range before him. High peaks rose as far as the eye could see, the mountains capped with a white hue that left them pale enough to blend in with the rest of the scenery around them. He would've been left there, amazed at how beautifully treacherous the landscape was before he was prodded from behind, one of two griffin sherpas nudging him to keep return back to the journey. Amity...
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by on May 23, 2020
Dear Princess NotLightbulb, No, wait. Um. DEAR PRINCESS CELESTIA, Moth is very thankful for the giant lightbulb in the sky. He is sad he cannot stare at it though. From, Moth
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