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by on 8 hours ago
"Have I ever told you, if you've ever met me, that I despise war? Or that it's not my cup of tea? Well, if I did, I can tell you I lied to your face, or muzzle, as I suppose the saying goes. War is... My bread and butter. It's my profession, my life. I know little else. Stalingrad was my first taste of true war, true hell. And I loved every second. The adrenaline, the fear, the... . All of it, combined to make an experience I can never forget... That's what war does. Gives you such a fucking rus...
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by on May 18, 2019
Brimstone would be relaxing on his favorite bench. He finally felt like he could just sunbathe without getting in harm's way. He finally felt like he had some free time. Well, right up until a lengthy bipedal creature would approach him along with some royal sun guards. Brimstone would look at them as they stopped in front of him. He would frown as the tall one wore some sort of ceremonial garb. Like some sort of Acolyte or priest. The Acolyte would have a long robe with odd symbols with a mask ...
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by on May 17, 2019
Juno was pretty tired after a long graveyard shift. Being the only employee on shift was pretty tiring, but he was able to get done and get home without collapsing. He lazily unlocks his apartment's front door and shoves the door open with the full weight of his body. He takes a few seconds to throw off his work uniform and put on some sleeping clothes before he goes to lie in bed. Just before lying down Juno spots an envelope on the bed. The outside simply says "Juno." Might just be a letter fr...
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by on May 17, 2019
Well this is weird. I haven't exactly talked to a princess before. Twilight said I should probably write the letter this time. Well, anyways, today I learned that doing random acts of kindness is actually one of the many ways you can find joy in life and make new friends. Even if it feels like your day is terrible, doing something nice, even if it doesn't benifit you, can end up being the cure to a bad day or even a bad life. Chances are as well that the pony you helped was having a bad day too....
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by on May 15, 2019
Sister is fucking maaaad, friends. So, I just remembered that Frecklewish is the one that Mapleshade kills right? Right. Well. They’ve. FUCKING. REUSED HER NAME. And they had said they would not reuse the suffix -wish anymore! And you know why? Because they had only made it to honor a young warrior’s fan who had died in a tornado! AND THEY JUST FUCKING DISHONORED/TARNISHED HER MEMORY!!! WHAT THE FUCK ERINS??! And I know probably most of you don’t know what Warriors are, but it’s a really good bo...
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by on May 15, 2019
Thank you Cheddar. You're welcome Cheddar. Love, Cheddar.
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by on May 15, 2019
I'm Destia. I would love to know if anypony would mind adopting me into a role play family. [No. I am not giving my OC away.] I don't have a family and I am looking for someone who would not mind being My parents or sister.
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by on May 15, 2019
Chapter one - Ambassador The big wooden doors of a modern looking room slowly opened. The bright white of the walls couldn’t hide the fact that the embassy was inside an probably thousands of years old castle. A small man wearing a black suit walked in. Abakan knew this guy. Vladimir Stutschkin, the former mayor of Moscow. A guy that was known to play for both sides of the law. It was weird seeing him here and it was even more disturbing for him that from everyone that could have gotten the j...
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by on May 15, 2019
This blog really has no value and can be skipped freely, you lose nothing and commenting would just start another drama as always as I seem to be the Queen of that..please if you Do Read don't skim it, give it a proper read instead of bending it's narritive for your own gain. I will block if you have no useful input and just turn this into another fucking drama post. Even that line there can start is it appears to be all I can do. I would just like to address a few things regarding 1.Behi...
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by on May 14, 2019
So, I've been in Celestia’s Captain tier for about five months now and I'm fucking done with it. I will go over why, and why you shouldn't bother with it What you get 1. unlimited characters: Now, if this is something you care about, get luan's protector. It's cheaper and you get everything else captain gets 2. Special features: you get the banner tint ((the thing that can be done with ease on photoshop)) that all tiers get, you get a "special" gold ring. I put quotes around it, for in truth ...
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by on May 14, 2019
It has recently come to my attention that if the mirrorverse is the exact opposite of equestria, and if in the mirrorverse, good is trying to keep evil out of canterlot, this implies that somewhere in canterlot there is a large mass of evil protecting itself. it may just be the politicians, and our shenanigans, but i feel that it is something to note. your loyal subject- Flam flimflam
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by on May 12, 2019
I am writing to say goodbye since I was never good at saying it personally. It was such a delight to meet you and your subjects I even made a friend or two but It's time I moved on, we all have to move on it's all apart of life otherwise we'd never grow into more loving and wise creatures. Please send your sister and my friend my regards. Sincerely: Kind Claw.
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