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by on January 19, 2020
This is a planned spoof i had of the mane 6, in the knight wolf timeline. This would include Flam, Foundation of Loyalty I think we all know this fellow Leslie Fair, Foundation of Fairness Leslie fair is a rough and oftentimes not very simple mare to pin down. But she is often the one with the clearest head, and most objective reasoning of the world. She is very skilled with mathematics and fighting, but when it cones down to socialisation she is very much bad at it, and often pus...
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by on January 18, 2020
After releasing all her anger, Mina had been left with a heart of sadness, she uses this as inspiration to write a second poem, following a first about rain, hoping a more playful tone would help her to feel better. One day I had a pet storm cloud It was dark and thundery and really loud I've been crying all day Because my storm cloud just wouldn't go away I tried to smile and be around my friends But the thunderstorm would never end I've been weeping all day Because my storm cloud just ...
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by on January 18, 2020
Mina's been feeling really down lately. She's been spending a lot of time alone and needed to write her feelings out on paper. She was stuck between a mix of exasperation and melancholy, both controlled the quill in her hooves. Thumping Thumping In my brain I feel your warmth douse my body And comfort me until I smile wide from cheek to cheek Happy little bits Scattered everywhere Toys in different shapes Hearts and Stars, all over Thumping and twinkling it's crimson glow The clouds pr...
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by on January 18, 2020
January 16th, 3 PM, Snowy Hill Suburbs, Vanhoover. Police Corporal Franco Marcetti's boots make a quiet 'thud' as he steps out of the SWAT van onto the street below. He's followed by more thuds as 6 other armored ponies exit the vehicle behind him. Once they've exited the vehicle the team quietly forms a neat single file line behind Corporal Marcetti. Once the squad begins to move Corporal Marcetti speaks into his earpiece. "Entry Team to TOC. We've reached the drop off point, and are making...
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by on January 16, 2020
I felt prompted to write this after some lowkey vitriol I found myself unable to let go of lately. It regards my former DM exploits and how they led me to a jaundiced view of not only DMing but also D&D in general. This is rather vent-related, which is something I don't do often because I don't find it effective OR worthwhile, but from a psychological standpoint, talking about it has a higher chance to benefit me than not talking about it at all. What this is NOT is a cry for assistance or a ...
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by on January 15, 2020
Now, things have gotten complicated between universes that flam is in, so i decided to clarify them here just to make some sense 1: Canon Universe. Everything is normal. Flam is coltfreind to marina. Las pegasus was burned. 2: unity universe Universe where the flams and multiversal refugees flock. This is the hub of all universes. 3: stickman universe. Flam was coltfreind to marina. Flam and flim were killed trying to save equestria. Las pegasus was burned. Las pegasus was destroy...
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by on January 11, 2020
In orbit around equestria, sol 3 the pony home world “ Captain we seem to have approached Sol 3 but she is a vibrant green colour” said lime manning the helm “ Are you sure? Check the star maps again. That’s literally impossible Equestria with evidence of life? Ludicrous!...” Cherri said sadly “ If I may Captain, perhaps the experiment was a success and we are actually back in time.” Said Black Berry looking up from her tablet computer “ Whatever it may be down there we’re going to hav...
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by on January 7, 2020
The beautiful Continent of Australia is in flames. Over 50,000 animals have died due to the bushfires already and that number is going up. Animals are losing their homes, people are losing their homes. You can help! These are links you can go to to help Australia. You can adopt and track a Koala here: Australian Red Cross: NSW Rural Fire Service https://www....
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by on January 7, 2020
Sweet made herself dinner that she didn't eat again. Or maybe it was lunch. She'd stopped tracking the clocks. Whateverr the meal was, it was just sitting on the bar, getting cold. Tinkora had always been really big on clocks. Honestly, she hadn't put much stock in it. Before the E.D.C. was finally realized, then had subsequently failed, all that was just "Tinkora being a crazy bitch" to her. But now that Terra had been lost, Terrans scattered to the cosmos, and an elimination of any known...
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by on January 7, 2020
Ya’ll gonna fall apart. Like at the seams. You live on hopes, and dreams Is this your last resort? Life is a storm, we’ll seek any port. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me? That’s all it’s gonna be-you’ll see Whether this relationship ends at fifteen or thirty Everyone crawls out broken and dirty. Why are you so cynical? My pessimism is warranted, my depression clinical. The people that I saw proclaim love Only stuck together because of the Almighty above. Over twenty years of ...
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by on January 6, 2020
It's been 123 days since I've crashed. It's been hell living here I was almost eaten by a pack of Raptors..... it's a good thing I'm a great fighter . I'm also a survival expert so I built myself a home in a cave from a mountain + theres a lot of fruit so that's good ....... also never go to the lagoon because theres a mosasaurus living in there I almost jumped by her ..... but at least I get the beautiful scenery from my cave ...... so my life here is hell but it has its upsides.
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by on January 6, 2020
Silvermane wasn't the one for conversation. He mostly kept to himself and he liked it that way. It was no surprise that he wasn't the talkative type. He had been through a lot. The attack on his home city of Oasis by Queen Chrysalis and her Changlings. Being hunted down day and night. Never being able to trust anypony. He thought that if he was able to restart his life, he may be able to escape. But he never could forget when his home city burned. He thought that his new life would be a ...
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