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by on 2 hours ago
—————————————— No matter how much he tried to scrub his brain clean of that incident, his eyes just kept seeing the hazy gas. The collapsed man on the floor of the potion room. His friend, practically clawing to get in. “I could’ve saved him,” Cynbel spoke, his fork idly prodding at the small mound of peas on his dinner plate. “What happened to Mr. Moorsom was an accident. It could’ve happened to anyone. You, me, your father. Just an unfortunate accident,” his mother, Chantal, spoke after ta...
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by on Yesterday, 8:30 pm
//This is very short but i want spirit to have a little cottage and a fox buddy and also i want her to be HAPPY for once in her damn life. and also i want the achievements for posting blogs. eat me. The Everfree was always a place of magic. Curses. Monsters. And more recently, tell of a witch. One who’s powers come from dark places. One who’s abilities are unknown to the natural world. A slight creature, she is. But a friend of the forest indeed. Only a witch could remain a friend of this acc...
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by on November 21, 2020
Obsilion would groan and cough in pain as he slowly wakes up. Though he was now awake, he would still keep his eyes closed for a while. He could hear and feel a fire nearby as well as another creature. Did someone save him? "I see you're awake now." a voice would speak. Most likely the voice of the creature that's nearby. The voice was low, kinda deep, and a little dark. Like someone who is tired of living or just tired in general. Obsilion grunts a bit in pain as he tries to slowly sit u...
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by on November 17, 2020
Haven't done one of these in a while, eh? Alright, let's get down to business. The Rhythm Thief Force is a off-branch of the USF, specializing in pulling off heists that require rhythmic stealth as well as also saving the cartoon universe from more... musical threats. It mainly consists of us 4 plus Phantom R, our trainer. Our codenames: Stickman-Phantom S, the leader of the Rhythm Thief Force Jewel-Flying Samba Skye-Barking Rhythm Skystar-Flowing Melody Raphael-Phantom R, our ...
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by on November 16, 2020
how do i get out help
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by on November 6, 2020
The hum of the elevator filled the gaps between the silence. Necessary white noise to ease young Cynbel’s mind. Today’s birthday was... different. But no less exciting. Rather than give Cynbel a physical gift, his father decided to pass on something a bit more meaningful to his oldest son. A tour of the factory, something Cynbel had been asking about for a while now. His father stood beside him, his snow white mane all slicked back revealing the coming widow’s peak. The family resemblance was ...
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by on November 3, 2020
In an unmarked location within the Region of Equestria laid an old temple. A temple that wasn't seen or discovered on any map of the new age. One that was hidden with ancient magics and powerful curses. This temple was one of the old ages. It's architecture of carvings and stone showing it's lush history. It's rich history decaying as each century passed. A temple that housed something of value within it. Something of worth. Something that was worth more then any amount of bit, any amount of kno...
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by on October 30, 2020
Loneliness. It was a subject that Minsa had struggled with for quite some time. Always having family, siblings around, in her younger years it was genuinely difficult for her to find time to be alone. When her father had passed, it had been even harder, trying to provide a solid rock for the family. So many nights she had waited until the others had gone to sleep before going to sit in the field her father had tended to cry. Loneliness wasn’t a concept for her though, even in those moments. Now ...
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by on October 28, 2020
Flam, Being the often busy pony that he was, did not often have the luxury to tour his own park. The great Las Pegasus resort, he barely knew his way around after inheriting it from Gladmane. it was a shame too, as ponies left and right seemed to have so much fun. He sighed, looking down upon his park, before returning to his work, signing documents and reading transcripts about his more troublesome employees. it was all so tiresome and a bit irritating. he wanted to have fun again, go out, and ...
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by on October 28, 2020
We didn't know how far we would go... How far we would go to hurt someone. We were not but kids and yet we tore the life from a normal creature. Someone who didn't have anything to do with it all. We went far for the... UPHEAVAL PROCESS. It was the dead of night in 1809. Crickets sing their crude yet reasonable mating call and the air would fill with fog. The thick fog would cover the abduction. They would drag a man with a rope tied to his legs. A group of various creatures that wou...
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by on October 27, 2020
Two people stood outside of a cave, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the wind howling like a pack of werewolves all around them. Said cave was sealed, covered over by rocks. The woman turned to the man, a questioning look on her face. “What are you thinking, Master Star?” she asked him hopefully. It was clear she yearned for something, some kind of solution, and he hoped he could give it to her. None deserved the fate that had been unleashed upon this poor woman. Star neglected to answer w...
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by on October 26, 2020
The banging of the gavel signaled the trial’s beginning. An old, stern looking mare set the wooden instrument down and sat it by the corner of her podium. “Court is in session. Today, we will discuss he case revolving around decorated knight Glorious Valor and the circumstances leading up to his death. The prime suspect has been apprehended and is in this very room as we speak. Mr. Porter, will the prosecution please introduce the guilty party?” An earth pony stood up, dressed to the negative...
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