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by on 1 hour ago
The burden of growth can be referred to as a necessary process when transferring from a state of dormancy or stagnancy. A seed is quite happily a seed, that is until it's tossed into a growth medium and drenched. Now the addition of water stimulates the germination process which includes the breaking through of the shoot. The burden of growth is often times an uncomfortable and even painful experience. But pain is what ultimately drives us. We can't experience life without experiencing suffering...
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by on 10 hours ago
Queen Jonquil had never been a particularly affectionate mother. By the time White Rose was old enough to fight, she was in training to be a soldier, princess though she was. She had never known another life, and so was glad to serve her kingdom. In short order, Rose had risen through the ranks, and at last for all her efforts her mother noticed her - in fact, she was appointed the general of Jonquil's personal guard, made of those elite few who would have laid down their life for her, but would...
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by on 17 hours ago
There was once a lone Equine. Born with no fear in his heart. He would wander everfrees darkest corners. Manuel would be his name. He roamed the dark as if it was his light. He would help the wounded animals, monsters, and people along his path. Not a single soul dared to touch him for they knew that was a saint amongst the living. For perception was not his goal but he would give these creatures something they have never felt before. A warm embrace and a tender moment. Would he be attacked at t...
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by on September 14, 2021
Welcome my little listeners, today we have another dino to discuss. This dino is a plant eater ( but they also eat lizards and stones ) known as gallimimus an excellent runner when being hunted or travelling and like to be in a group of 20, they also have great vision to spot predators like the t-rex. They pretty harmless so I'm sure theres nothing to worry about and are the largest and best known of the ornithomimidae family. Well that's it for today everyone, have a great day and as always sta...
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by on September 11, 2021
A dazzling new day broke through Bee's curtains, to find her already lacing up her leather gauntlets for what promised to be a grand adventure. Birds greeted the sun from the trees outside. She tied her leather pouch on and slipped her red cloak over her head - up went the hood, just covering the two sharp horns between her ears, and it was time to get started! Bee moved almost silently down the tavern's stairs. She tossed a few bits in the tip jar on her way to the door, as not even the own...
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by on September 6, 2021
Smiles are the one thing Canterlot ponies seemed unable to afford. Their riches could buy them almost anything, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to buy the Sun and Moon. Walking these streets almost daily left me with more dread than even standing up to an Ersa Major. Their “clean” noses held high, hoof steps in sync, and eyes almost closed as the mindless wondered about. At least until eyes landed on me. Within an instant the faces of hoity-toity righteousness quickly burn...
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by on September 4, 2021
Before I tell you my story, and before I delve too deep into the mystery of my life, I would like to explain what a Godhunter is. Godhunters* -though far and few between- are trained fighters who serve only to delay, stop, or end those that wish to or have become gods. Gods, in this case, are ponies and creatures who have found power far beyond that of your average pony. Those that find artifacts, weapons, elixirs, and other means of incurring their deepest desires and manifesting them to real...
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by on September 2, 2021
Welcome again my faithful little listeners to another know your dino, this guy is known as the allosaurus a ferocious apex predator that doesn't tolerate it's own kind unless it's a female. It doesn't have a very strong bite but it is theorized to use its upper jaw like a hatchet to inflict bleeding damage. It lives in semiarid environments with distinct wet and dry seasons and flat floodplains. Thanks for listening and have a great day
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by on August 30, 2021
Wind whips a cloud of white snow around the bus as it lazily chugs along a long forgotten road. It's driver has ridden this route many times before, so this storm is not unusual for him. His sleeping passenger had fallen asleep only 5 minutes after the bus left Vanhoover, and now that they were nearing their destination she was beginning to wake. By the time Asuka has managed to wake herself up she finds the wrinkled face of the veteran bus driver staring directly into her soul. That was as ...
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by on August 28, 2021
Residents of equestria better watch for the tall grass because most likely these guys will be in it, the large claw on its foot is used to kill its prey. They have a call that they use to signal others for help, they're length is roughly two meters long and weighting 15 kilograms on average, they're extremely intelligent too knowing how to set traps and open doors, when they look at you they're already figuring things out. They hunt in pack and they attack from left and right using another rapto...
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by on August 25, 2021
Cast your mind back several years, for this is where our story begins. It has been only months since her love was locked away in stone, and Mirror is restless, even as she walks the path she has marked out on a map. This path would lead her to an ingredient she believed may be essential to healing the wounds that had brought her to cast the stone sleep spell upon Blind Faith. Walking felt so slow. Each step seemed so much shorter than she would have liked, and she longed to run, as she had at ...
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by on August 25, 2021
Say hello equestria's newest queen. T-rex is the most recognisable dinosaur in history, they're big and ferocious, they prefer to be alone except if it's a Male or a female. Males have a green skin tone while females have a light brown, they cant see you you dont move, they're bite force is stronger then a crocodiles. I hope you'll use this information when you happen to encounter one, if you see a nest make sure you stay away or they will track you until they find you. Have a wonderful day
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