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Skyra Heartsong

Female. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on March 27, 1996
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Skyra Heartsong
Recently I've begun playing Pokemon Sun.......and I can say with confidence that I may have fallen in love with three pokemon from the game.... Incineroar...Salazzle, and....Sylveon. Yes, fuckin Syl...View More
Skyra Heartsong
I doodled a bird owo Well, I obviously did more than doodle, but I made a birb. I have a name picked out, but it's still up in the I felt maybe I could ask yall what a good name for her is. ...View More
Yay, more birds!
She's adorable.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
She purty
Skyra Heartsong
Welp. I now officially have diabetes, and it's all thanks to Cabbage-Arts on DA for making this gorgeous and sweet as fuck art of Darren and Skyra. My heart is going to explode now.
Darren Cuffs
-heavy breathing-
Skyra Heartsong
-heavy breathing doubles- I'm right there with you...
Bright Brave
I must get some nose scrunches.
Darren Cuffs
No. ALl of her nose scrunches are mine
Skyra Heartsong
Darren Cuffs
Darren sits in his office. After so long, he finally lit on his his cigars and broke policy. Smoking in his office. He stared at his computer screen which had newspaper articles from all sorts of diff...View More
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Skyra Heartsong
Squeeeeee~ Some cute af ship art with yours truly and Darren Cuffs is on the waaay~ -bounces about excitedly-
Neon Synthwave
Sounds absolutely adorable
Skyra Heartsong
-rubs her face- So, some jackass decided to set off a firecracker or something at 11:30 last night right outside our apartment building next to a bush. I was watching Crank with my hubby when we heard...View More
yes, let's all be smart and practice basic safety in lighting firecrackers and the like!
Skyra Heartsong
I have a PSA for yall. There is someone who is threatening to get inappropriate art of Skyra without my consent. If any artist here is asked by someone to have their oc with Skyra, who isn't a close ...View More
Damn what a weird compliment, they wanna spend money on you lmaoo
Skyra Heartsong
No, they want to make a retaliatory action because I wouldn't let them do a specific thing to Skyra. For good reason. It's a threat, and a very big no no.
Sounds like a weak sorry-ass threat. Can't see how it's a real threat, other than them just being a sad weirdo if they aren't really harming you though. They're prob just trolling you though, cause I doubt, or hope a living human wouldn't waste money they earned to use it to pull the, "ahahah imma ...View More
Ephemeria Spring
yikes, that's the weirdest idea of a threat
Zero The Ermine
Smart rule
Maxh Vezpyre
Blast his ass, team rocket style.
Darren Cuffs
Dude's a fuckin weirdo. Just a warning yall
Of course, and if they do come to meh, I'll heckin beat their ass cuz that's a big no no.
Bright Brave
Go ahead. Call the police. They cant un-art you.
Skyra Heartsong
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Aurora Dawn
That's Trix's last name, ain't it?
Stardusk Strider
No, that's Lulamoon.
So is they suggest baby Luna? Or am I out of the loopsies?
Kamina The Hippogriff
Everyone is saying Luna Luna Luna Luna
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