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Status Update

The Zebra caesar had a message sent to Princess Twilight Sparkle. With his only son being killed by an assasin by one of Knight Wolf's cohorts. It was clear this this letter was not coincidental "Prin...View More
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Princess Twilight Sparkle
Twilight responded quickly, and within an hour or so she landed in front of the main doors to the school.
She would find hundreds of zebra guards patrolling it. Each seeming slightly demoralised, but more prominently, angry.
Princess Twilight Sparkle
She had heard of the attack just a few moments before she had received the message. She was troubled. It seed the enemy had no heart. She stepped into the main lobby of what had once been a vibrant school filled with bright eyed students.
In the lobby, the zebra troops and equestrian troops seemed to guide her toward the headmares office, where it seemed ceasars quarters were. They seemed expectant of twilight. As if they wanted her to finally take action. Inside the headmares office, the caesar stood staring out the window, his ba...View More
Princess Twilight Sparkle
"...." She stayed silent, there was little she could do to ease the suffering of a parent having lost their child. She looked at him with great pity. That level of pain was perhaps something she would never go through.
"frankly, I never did care for whatever knight did before. as it wasn't my business. i simply wanted to help. but now... now he has made it personal. " he turned around, his face tear soaked and his eyes red with fury. mane a mess and he was not doing well. "It would be one thing if my son had died ...View More