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posted a blog.
,  and 7 others liked this.
if you add me on discord please tell me who you are :")
Bird Song
I added you! I'm Solar Sulfure and bird song!
I sent you one, my name is Amanita, oof
Bright Brave
I always thought you were awesome. Like some kind of movie star.
:eyes: heck, you shall be missed, we never talked really at all but I think you are a rather awesome person
Caitlin Meowskivitz
You were amazing, we'll be in touch!
Cally Ber
Damn, I'll miss you. You were great and amazing artist. Thanks again for the first multiple oc piece, it felt nice to be involved c:
Lula Vieve
Thank you for all you've done!! I still got you in servers hehehehe >:)))
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