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Female. Lives in  Fillydelphia,  Equestria. Born on November 21, 1999
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Sasha was set up nice 'n' cozy at a little handmade stand. Scrawled on a sign that spanned the entire width was written 'Free kobold advice!' along with some crude, crayon drawings of presumably herse...View More
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Broke blissfully trotted by the stand only to get his attention pulled by the colorful crayon layout. "Free advice huh?" he murmured rather intrigued as he approached the lil kobold running the stand with a goofy smile. "Hit me with your wisdom, Miss" The hybrid exclaimed as he took a seat in front ...View More
She leaves an envelope for the snoozing scaly cutie!
Awwww, thank you so much Abby <3 I appreciate the cute poem and kind words. I always love seeing/snuggling you around! You're definitely one of the users that make Canterlot Avenue special. Thanks for always brightening my day =3
I feel like you bribed Comp to set you up sweet with that auto boop bot sometimes
Ephemeria Spring
He's doing it to me too, we gotta fight back!
it means he likes you
Cherry Bomb
I have also been auto booped
Twisted Fate
Boop war much lol
Adine or Anna?
Eιƙσ Aƙι
.............................Y es.
A smol gem doge carries around heavy smithing equipment from a cart to an empty building. Helping traders move cities is hard... but, at least she get's to see more of Equestria. Especially Fillydelph...View More
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A little kobold was walking home from the market area. A few missing ingredients for tonight's dinner, some more soap and conditioner for the bathroom, a fairly usual trip. She had only been living in Fillydelphia for a few months and already the thought of moving was tempting the small, scaly thing...View More
Hearing a voice in her direction, Ametri's drooping ears perk up a little. She turns her head and blinks in confusion, she doesn't think she's seen a lizard like that befo- No wait... There was the short purple one with the green spines that works at the Library back in Ponyville... Wasn't he a drag...View More
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