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Dream Vezpyre

Other. Lives in Canterlot Avenue,  Canterlot,  Equestria. 20 years old
Interchangeable - Unicorn / Naga Pony
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Maxh Vezpyre
Pa' appears, and smooches his princess. He's so proud of her and gives Dream her allowance so she's possibly gonna spend it all in hoodies, as if she didn't got enough already.
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Dream Vezpyre
Dream Vezpyre
Dream evaporates #rp
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Ayla DeWilde
Ayla turns on the dehumidifier to catch the mist pone
Dream Vezpyre
Dream lands into Ayla's paws with a meep. (1) Dream² has been obtained.
Ayla DeWilde
She blinked and stared at the smol horse, eventually raising her up high. It's dangerous to go alone, so she took it.
polo fastter
polo simply was confused about how it happened.
Stardusk Strider
He points to Dream as they evaporate "and this is why we need to control global warming!"
Blood lets out a somber sigh and pulls out a keyboard before pushing the "F" key bitter-sweetly.
Bright Brave
Pack it up. We gott’em boys.
Dream Vezpyre
polo fastter
why would you do this?
Icy Creation
This is horrifying, my mate. I just woke up, and the first thing I saw was /this/?
brother, may I have some lÖÖps
Charlie Blaze
caPzIcuM lOoPz
Cherry Lilly
id try it ngl
Maxh Vezpyre
He's carrying Dream around the house for no apparent reason, the storm outside is keeping us from go out, still it's night regardless, so time to munch candy and sleep later on.
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Dream Vezpyre
Dream giggles as she rode daddy like he was a horse or something.
Maxh Vezpyre
Back to sleep, it's time to snooze, so he took her at the living room, but only for tonight shall the couch be all cozy and cuddly. Embracing Dream for the big ZZZZ.
Air Lightning Rush
//Hi there I um, I sent you a friend request a while ago or a few days ago and was wondering if you got it yet or saw it?/:
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Dream Vezpyre
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Vy Thresh
Oooh, that looks super amazing <3 <3
Dream Vezpyre
you're suppose to be super disgusted >:c
Dream Vezpyre
I mean,, you're super amazing c:
Vy Thresh
I don't have standards sadly, I don't think american cheese is that bad. ;w;
Phoenix Wind
Blue Water
Is that... Pineapple...?
Yassss hawaian burger!
Nitroxus Soulspins
You maniacs! You blew it up! Darn you all, Darn you all to Hades!
Celtic Cross
In a Harrison Ford voice Celtic exclaims, "That belongs on a pizza!"
Anyone who doesn't think this looks delicious is a tool.
Liath Mac Medb
That. In my mouth. Now.
Ice Wisp
Pine my apple
Air Lightning Rush
//Hi I sent you a friend request a day or 2 ago and was wondering if you wanted to do a Rp with me on your wall here or pms? Just message me or reply back to this post and let me know okay? Thanks.//
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Bright Brave
Plz. I wub chu
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Dream Vezpyre
she dance c:
Dream Vezpyre
s fad;lkjsadjkhfkjwerkljhernfijuhre;kqwafljewahl;krewjwf
Lesa Castle
Oh my god this is amazing!!!
Olive Drab
She cute!
Spirit Weaver
I have killed for her and I will do so again.
Yami Crosshide
i will help
Maxh Vezpyre
! <3
Bright Brave
I see no dancing.
Dream Vezpyre
click horse on snoot to activate dance
Bright Brave
That’s a sloppy tongue.
Icy Creation
I am now dead. Cause of death: Heart attack.
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