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Status Update

Flam and you are working on developing a brand new product together at "imperial teas". Flam promises that you will get a 50% share of it once it enters production.
Hek of >:c
"Will it contain
// Crap...posted it too early// Poison joke's...?"
He raised a brow. "Most likely not. Fo you know how DANGEROUS those flowers are?" He asked "it could hurt somepony really bad! And i dont want to be sued!"
"Well I'm The only thing...i think that can consume poison joke's...Everything else...nope" He told Flam before Putting on a Star-pony Apron
He nodded. "That is why we wont put them in. Too small of a target audience, and it would not be cost effective at all.
"eh...ok, there is one question though"
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
(I have a feeling if I reply, it's gonna be an illusion placed on me by Portero like the other post.)
Mao Mao
Finally taking the opportunity to make some bits without beating up some local criminal he gratefully took the offer. "Hello, Mr. Flam." He said as he entered into his office.
As it turned out it was just a casual discussion in the tea shop. The 'office' here was just an open air table outside on the warm day. "Ah hello there mr mao! I am assuming you have ideas on that product you suggest i help manufacture?" He asked
Mao Mao
"Indeed I do. While tea and coffee may seem like a very simple product, if one such as you with such a large production, mastered how to make it, having a large chunk in that market could easily make millions."
"I do not meddle with coffee. It is far too... icky of a buisness for me to partake in. Tea though, i have already been making some tea products, though my real key is in the sparkling cider industry."
Mao Mao
"Ok that's good you have some experience in the tea business. Well I may have some flavors never introduced to Equestria if I can recall how to make them. No other company would be able to have access to them as I would give you full rights to their use. Just imagine this. Every gala, every Princess...View More
he tried to think on this "and what is the catch?" he asked mao/
Mao Mao
"I'm no business I just want to make some bits." He said with a shrug.
Phoenix Wind
"Be honest with me. Someone is out to steal this from you and you want me around to chase them off"
He was confused. "What?" He asked
Phoenix Wind
"I'm just not sure why you want some kind of business deal with me. All I'm good for is cracking skulls"
"I thought you had a proposition for me! oh great, now this whole afternoon is wasted."
Phoenix Wind
"I think you might have sent your letter to the wrong address pal"
"you sent the proposition to me! why would i go out of my way to seek investments? investors go to ME for money! not the other way around!"
War BrightBravemon