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Cynbel Ferode

Male. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on April 19, 1997
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Canon/Adapted canon.
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Lucid Melody
She was quick making her way back to Cynbel Ferode’s home. She was a bit startled by the stallion from earlier so she wasted no time getting home. Though the commute still gave her plenty of time to g...View More
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Cynbel Ferode
cynbel fur road, a road made of cynbel’s fur
polo fastter
this sound so cursed yet, i want to see what happens
cynbel fur roaaaaads, take me the plaaaace I BELOOOONG
Cynbel Ferode
Cynbel Ferode
concludes the year long prequel trilogy i made that wasn't supposed to be a year long. fuck me, i'm slow tune in 10 years from now when cynbel actually does something in the present day
Lavender Dawn
Just a late bloomer.
Spirit Weaver
Ephemeria Spring
is it 18+ because of death or the death of an 18+? although the former wouldn't be true if it's able to be on site :o
Cynbel Ferode
i have no idea, i've seen people mark death-related posts as 18+, i'm just covering my bases :'C
Cynbel Ferode
*goes to edit my lore entry that i've been on-and-off working on since october of last year* *changes the title once and includes a single, new word* god it's so hard to write... and yet, it is very ...View More
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
I heard there were new phrases for me to eat up???
Cynbel Ferode
keep your gluttony off my phrases, you
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Too late, I already feasted on it like when Patrick eats those cookies in that one SpongeBob episode
Cheddar Cheese
very rewording
Cynbel Ferode
"You can't put me in jail, I'm too cute for that. Remember this when you hear about the zombies chained up around my house."
Bright Brave
Cynbel Ferode
"Put those eyes elsewhere unless you want them to get fed to Felicity."
Bright Brave
DR MY EEEEEEYEEEES!!! Tell me what you see. IS THIS THR PRIIIIIICE!!!! For having learned how not to cry....
Icy Creation
"You know that there are ways of ressurecting ponies that don't leave them mindless?" She asked, walking beside a clone of herself. Which promptly screamed, had a heart attack, and died. Looking over, then back, "It's, um, a work in progress. They agree to be tested on when I make them, or I kill t...View More
Cynbel Ferode
"What, you think this is my handiwork? Couldn't be bothered to even try. I--" The clone's death shut Cynbel up near entirely. There was silence between the two survivors while he looked between the clone and the original. With a completely neutral expression, he'd ask: "Are you going to eat that? M...View More
Icy Creation
"I wouldn't even if I could. She wasn't entirely physical, you know? Matter has to come from somewhere, and eventually it decays!" She paused a moment. "Plus, respect the dead and all that, yeah? They /are/ sapient after all."
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray slowly put his phone away. This stallion really knew how to bargain. "Fine, fine... I can't argue with that..." the actor sighs. "...But say, are you perhaps looking to rehome any of those ...zombies?" he eyes him. "As a famous actor I can't truly be complete until I own a ridiculously exotic p...View More
Cynbel Ferode
“So. Hi, me again. I’ve created a stone that temporarily possesses inanimate objects. As an example, I’ve used something called a ‘long furby’?” He squints at the cue cards that were floating right in...View More
Icy Creation
A few days later, a flash frozen and slightly cracked 'long furby' would appear at his doorstep with the note of '/You made me nearly blow up half the Everfree/! Don't send stuff like this around, yeah? Going to seriously hurt somepony one day!'
Project: The Twins
Manuel would suck himself up into the vents. "Let the hunt begin."
"...but stones are also inanimate. What did you actually make?"
Ephemeria Spring
smigbob vented
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