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Spartan Sword the unicorn

Male. Lives in Outskirts of ponyville,  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on March 2, 1995
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Spartan Sword the unicorn
When someone wants me to play fortnite or any minecraft ripoffs.
 liked this.
Rusty GearGrinder
Minecraft ripoffs = Roblox, Unturned..etc..
Spartan Sword the unicorn
I mean like terraria.
Rusty GearGrinder
to be fair, at least Terraria doesnt use the 'aesthetics' of what Minecraft does.. similar gameplay yes, but different graphics
Spartan Sword the unicorn
Still a knockoff.
Ephemeria Spring
Roblox came before Minecraft, and Unturned originated from Roblox. Terraria is faaar from a Minecraft knockoff too, just because it has squares doesn't mean it's one.
Admittedly I wanted to be snarky X3 I figured perhaps it's better if I don't this time around. Although both are survival games they are VASTLY different. Terreria is it's own thing through and through. It'd be like saying checkers is a knockoff of chess. Similar idea, same board... completely diff...View More
Painted Midnight
Why wouldn't you play them?
Spartan Sword the unicorn
I don't care for them.
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