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by on December 4, 2018
Hello dearest users! It is Canterlot Avenue’s anniversary since it was opened last year. To celebrate, we’ve come with a wonderful present for you all today. Some of you may have heard the news of multiple character profiles coming out and we are happy to inform that they are now officially implemented into Canterlot Avenue for users to use! Along with this new application, we have also created subscription tiers that allow users to join up with a monthly payment to Canterlot Avenue and obtai...
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by on November 28, 2018
Did you know the longest word in the world is the Chemical name for Tin? it's Methionyl​threonyl​threonyl​glutaminyl​alanyl​prolyl​threonyl​phenyl​alanyl​threonyl​glutaminyl​prolyl​leucyl​glutaminyl​seryl​valyl​valyl​valyl​leucyl​glutamyl​glycyl​seryl​threonyl​alanyl​threonyl​phenyl​alanyl​glutamyl​alanyl​histidyl​isoleucyl​seryl​glycyl​phenyl​alanyl​prolyl​valyl​prolyl​glutamyl​valyl​seryl​tryptophyl​phenyl​alanyl​arginyl​aspartyl​glycyl​glutaminyl​valyl​isoleucyl​seryl​threonyl​seryl​threony...
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by on October 24, 2018
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by on July 31, 2018
[repost from a status] Hey so honestly here the thing. I’m a silly girl and I’m all about goofing off and stuff, I like to give friends a hard time for fun. But I usually have to get quite close to someone to get comfortable with the being a jerk thingy. When I was 15 I tried doing the internet tough guy thing, but it isn’t me. I’m not asking for people to change for some weird gushy Canadian girl on the internet, but if you’re going to be rude on my page, or just to me and we’re not close, j...
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by on July 28, 2018
Name: Nightmare Darkstar Title: Princess of Darkness, Princess of Dark Magic, Princess of Hate and Jealousy. Gender: Female. Bio: A very powerful Alicorn mare who's power over Darkness is unrivalled, although she may look evil she is actually on the side of good, she is also Glitter Brightstar's true self.
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by on July 25, 2018
I understand we all done things as an crazy teenager in high school as well as middle school, so here is an not to totally accruate prince Carey middle school and high school simulator to show you how dumb i was. so in rp formate and explain your choices. your walking down an middle school hallway and you decide to blank. 1) smother that one chick you like and eat with her all the time because no sauce. 2) pick an fight with an random stranger because you want to be ubber mocho wit...
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by on June 16, 2018
Glitter Brightstar was born in Canterlot and used to go by Sunset Brightstar until it was legally changed by her parents, Glitter Brightstar was a very hyper little filly and often got into a lot of trouble until her parents decided to homeschool her, they wanted Glitter Brightstar to be a very brilliant mare when she grew up, sadly for them fate had other plans,when Glitter Brightstar observed a bunch of youngs fillies and colts playing tag, she was suddenly struck with inspiration and deci...
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by on June 1, 2018
Genader:Female Bio: a mysterious mare who doesn't have a name, she might make an appearance in a new au one day... Hit:N/A Miss:N/A
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by on May 31, 2018
Negotiations Location - Ponyville Day 1 1PM Chrysalis arrived with four armored changelings. The changelings stay at one of the guest rooms on the first floor of the Crystal Castle. Chrysalis stays at the VIP guest room across the hallway of my [Twilight Sparkle] bedroom. She was left alone to settle in, two changelings guard her room while the other two guard the carriage she arrived with. [I wonder if they are going to stand there for the entirety of her visit] 4PM Unusual noise...
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by on May 31, 2018
BoC-Verse Magic Magic levels: Lesser Magic The most basic spell you can learn as unicorn is the Levitation spell. It is usually the first spell fillies and colts learn. Changeling Drones can usually only learn Lesser Magic spells while unicorns usually learn Lesser Magic and Individual Magic spells. Other Lesser Magic spells are simple illusion spells, heating and cooling spells, simple healing spells, temporary manifestation of magical auras. Lesser magic is a kind of magic most creatur...
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by on May 30, 2018
“My extracurricular research on my travels is going well! I’ve learned something I will take to heart forever. You may find it useful as well. My dear princess, listen closely. It’s hip to fuck bees.” Sincerely, Lightning B—uh, White Lightning
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by on May 25, 2018
:question::grey_question:So I was wondering is this site is self hosted or if its hosted by a 3rd party. If it is self hosted what kinda cool nerd specs are you willing to tell about so I can geek out? :3:grey_question::question:
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