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Chisel hammer
Do you guys have a go-to RP starter? aka a starter that can work with almost every oc
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Demonic H. Hooves
i do
Aurora Dawn
I do not, mostly because not everyone just randomly hangs around a park or worse people will just stick their character in their own home doing nothing of interest then expect you to be able to do something with that. I prefer starters that actually make sense and give people room to actually work w...View More
Darren Cuffs
I do, but it has variables that change depending on the OC, if that makes sense.
Spec Steele
Seems to depend on the character from my experience. Some people jump right into the smut, others start of meeting in a pub.
Cynbel Ferode
Yep. Just have Cynbel selling his wares on the street, then add a little spice like potion mishap or whatever. Boom. Works with pretty much any character.
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