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I hope to have the next "Godhunter" chapter up by tomorrow. Though I would like to do Tuesday releases if time permits.
Nitroxus Soulspins
Its all good, take your time. We will wait.
*Godhunter is a title they are given, but don’t be surprised if you see it written naturally as God Hunter/God Huntress or just Hunter/Huntress as well. Rosa's will always be mentioned as Stars Huntress in this story. First chapter coming later today or tommorrow! (Hopefully. It may take until the ...View More
I plan on having the Godhunter "story" start later today- if not tomorrow. Already got the intro mostly ready. It will be written into the Friendship Letters with new Letters for each chapter. Import...View More
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*Nitroxus would explode out of confetti and smile to the creature. With a bow, he would wave at them.* Why hello there. I deeply hope that you'll enjoy this place greatly!
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