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Status Update

, after her very frightening meeting with was very much glad that all the legalese and the fancy wordsmithing was done. #rp she was no wordsmith, in fact she had no ... View More
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King Artemis
"Yknow? I dare say that's the most excited and happy the King has been in any business meeting and negotiation. Normally he finds the acts of business talk, contracts, favors, and any form of political practice exhausting and boring. But this time? He seemed to enjoy it. Probably because of the comp... View More
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Doctor Glimmering Rays
She would be befuddled by the question, and a bit suprised by it. "I-uh- what?" She would ask, as she had been distracted by a very eloquent, and flattering painting of a Lunar guard. "I.. uh-im not looking right now." She would say to her, trying to avoid it. "Im not very... uh, good with royalty... View More
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King Artemis
"I was only teasing, Boss." Boss? Ah, yes, well the King did place Diana to oversee the operations, but a ranking of authority wasn't exactly place. It appeared that, although Diana was assigned to overlook the project, she would be referring to the Doctor as her temporary Authority. Probably for a ... View More
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Doctor Glimmering Rays
she would pause, confusedly at that statement. "Yin and yang?" She would ask diane. "I dont think ive heard that before.... is it like Celestia to the Luna?" She would ask, hoping that she got the concept at least sort of hit on the head. At this point wandering the halls was getting nowhere. She ... View More
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Hey if princess Luna turn into Nightmare Moon when she go evil what does King Artemis turn into if that happens to him ?
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