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Butterscotch Ormand

Male. Lives in  Bone Dry Desert,  Equestria. Born on March 13
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Cool with anything.
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Butterscotch Ormand
Okay, this is probably going to rank in the top ten for both most nerdy and most useless questions I've ever asked, but... Given how in formal registers of English you are expected to say "less" when...View More
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..., don't know what to tell you buddy. it's just a word.
I've never used "fewer" intentionally. It's a dumb sounding word that doesn't flow well when talking casually.
Butterscotch Ormand
Yeah, I agree in casual conversation. I don't make the distinction casually. But I need to use a formal register often enough that I have to use it intentionally.
You say fewer because it has a limitation in comparison to the prior statement. All real numbers, though it is infinite still presents a set amount of infinity. Any less than that and you do have a number, you simply dont know what it is.
Bright Brave
Help me
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus was floating down to the ground with the help of an umbrella until he landed on the grounds where Butterscotch was walking home to.* Heyo Buddy, how are you?
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Butterscotch Ormand
Butterscotch screams a loud, Chester Bennington-esque scream into his pillow as he regrets most of his life choices.
Butterscotch Ormand
The upside of very rarely consuming caffiene is that it is much more effective when you really need it, like for finals or needing to work a 12hr warehouse shift after needing to stay up the night bef...View More
Butterscotch Ormand
//The "lower 48 states" refers to every US state but Alaska and Hawaii. Hawaii is further south than every other US state. Alaska is further north than every other US state However, they're both ...View More
This means that even California is an east state!
Butterscotch Ormand
"Would whoever the fuck has my voodoo doll stop stabbing me in the left kidney? Thank you". <3 Butters
Butterscotch Ormand
//What's up with my state and their driver's licence fees? If you're 16-16.5 years old, it cots $80 For 16.5-17, they DROP it to $76.75 Then, for 17-17.5 they RAISE it to $92.50 Then again for 17.5-1...View More
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Crystal Light
Maybe based off if what ages cause the most accidents?
Butterscotch Ormand
Maybe. It doesn't make sense for other reasons (why not charge a 65+ rate that's higher because seniors cause more accidents than working age adults), but I can see that being the logic at the board meeting.
Demonic H. Hooves
Man. . . when it comes to the DMV just. . .accept nothing makes sense and it was invented by Satan to ruin lives
Celtic Cross
Probably based on the amount of shekels they can squeeze out of their population based on the amount of demand for drivers licenses at various points in life. If I had to guess. Follow the money.
Butterscotch Ormand
Possible. I wouldn't expect the demand curve for driver's licences to be that elastic, but who knows.
Butterscotch Ormand
Butterscotch scrolls through his mp3 player with easily at least 70 albums on it. Which one will he listen to today? Looks like it's Ember by Breaking Benjamin, for like the 12th time this week.
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Demonic H. Hooves
**demonic just judges him**
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