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Butterscotch Ormand

Male. Lives in  Equestria. Born on March 13
Earth Pony
Roleplay Universe
Cool with anything.
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I guess I'll be late to the bandwagon with this. Twilight Sparkle ✨ is our glorious Ponifounder and he is a great guy! Thank you for making me feel welcome. Silver Sh...View More
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus would write a few letters to certain ponies in the wide world of Equestria, in no particular order. He would jump into their mailboxes so he could see their faces as he gave them the letter....View More
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Butterscotch Ormand
Butterscotch makes you a grilled cheese sandwich with love. Except instead of "grilled cheese", it's two pieces of toast with cheese that were microwaved. And by "Cheese", he means Tostitos salsa c...View More
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Carmine Gumshoe
Carmine swoons. Just how mom made it! Don't ask.
Ephemlemia Spring
It was an upgrade from Ephee quickly slamming two pieces of toast together to melt cheese while the warmth was still there...
Butterscotch Ormand
Butterscotch complains about how annoying people who only listen to 80's music are, before listening only to 2000's rock with zero self awareness.
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Butterscotch Ormand
Butterscotch vows to finally finish reading Speaker for the Dead. It's been a rough four years since he started, but he's feeling confident now that he's moving on to chapter six.
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Chiller Sway
Reading is a bueno
Butterscotch Ormand
//I'm so bad at typing that I somehow manage to put accents in normal ass English words. Hélp.
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Ice Wisp
Ice offers him his pity.
Butterscotch Ormand
Ice Wisp
Ice retracts his pity.
Duke Valkyrie
i rlly hope this uploads ! im sorry it took all day !
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