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Smooth Sound
Will be closing this account soon. If you want to talk or keep incontact, hit me up in pms
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Smooth Sound
Hi. I would like to permantley delete my poniverse and canterlot avenue account. I am a EU member
Smooth Sound
ok where the heck is everyone? i am bored as h e c c
Thundy The Griffon
I'm here
Hiding under a tree. ssh.
Baron Redpath
Tell me about it..
Dream Vezpyre
Wanna ERP?
Dream Vezpyre
Bruh don't like, tell me >.> im sending yall erp starters rn
Bright Brave
Smooth Sound
I am very bored
Dream Vezpyre
Wanna RP?
Scarlet Gleam
Ok.....What is the weirdest thing you can think of right now!?!
Smooth Sound
i dont know.... paper roll... like a pizza roll but made of paper
Ambient Waves
Hey, could ya hand me a pizza paper please? (Pun on piece of paper)
Hi am very bored. I'm...the one who forgot about the rp please I'm so sorry
Smooth Sound
then rp with me
Chiller Sway
Meanwhile me: Still exists
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