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Desert Thorn

Female. Lives in  Griffonstone,  Beyond Equestria. Born on October 4, 1997
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FoE, Canon, Adapted
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Desert Thorn
So... about the YAC Secret Santa thing. Signups close tomorrow '~vo' Tomorrow starts in like... 10 hours? Timezones 'n' all.
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Demonic hooves
So to say "happy one year on this site" I'm going to tag a ton of ponies and say shit to them! also, feel free to click the bell after you read what you want to read, for i got a feeling this shit is ...View More
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Desert Thorn
// Potential kobold I'll rp as when multi-char comes out ^^
I RP as anything, why would anyone need a multiple character feature for that?
Desert Thorn
I like to keep things nice 'n' organized.
Jade The Pegasister
That’s odd I love it
Desert Thorn
Thanks =3 You should check out the song that inspired me to draw this. It might be familiar if you watched the old Scooby Doo's cartoons.
Snow Storm
das a smol ostrich
Desert Thorn
Or a large kobold ;3 But yeah... I'm guilty as charged. I looked up a reference but that was it; I completely ignored any and all size differences cx
I said no DnD on my beautiful site. >:{
Desert Thorn
This is just scaly stuff though X3
Basalt Alltrades
// but owlbears
*night rose is hiding a dim alley way in canterlot*
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Desert Thorn
Young Artist Collaboration is hosting a Secret Santa Art Exchange! We welcome all forms and levels of art. If you're interested join our discord ;3 Feel free to ask questions if you'd like to know mor...View More
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Desert Thorn
// I'm home <3 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. So... waht'd I miss? Oh, also I did some Black Friday shopping, Sure I went at like... 8 pm, but it wasn't that busy. It was actually a very nice...View More
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Neon Synthwave
There is a cuddling pandemic going around
Desert Thorn
Can't have too much of a good thing ;>
Desert Thorn
// I'm off to see family, I'll be back in a few days. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love you all <3 Stay safe. I might check in here n there? Guess it depends on things, anyhow see ya guys later ^v^ /...View More
Desert Thorn
// It's pretty nice to have a microwave again. //
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