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Caramella Seashell

Sweet as Candy!

Female. Lives in  Fillydelphia,  Equestria. Born on June 14, 2000
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Wrenched Fates - Behind the Curtain
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Caramella Seashell
I love it when CA butchers messages. Gotta delete cookies and restart browser yada yada I DONT WANNA. Put my line breaks back in! :pensive:
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Ephemeria Spring
the line breaks are breaking the wrong things :c
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Oh boy I definitely love it when my enter decides to go 9 SPACES DOWN WHEN I TRY TO DO A CHARACTER LINE. (at least on my pc)
Caramella Seashell
For those new, remember to use the "Reply" button! It helps people see who is replying to who else. Helps keep things looking clean, too!
Svarlet Batfire and Spoof
yes I agree, people need to use this a loooot more. a peeve of mine haha
It also helps keep walls of text down for each reply participant! Looking at you, Nitroxus c:<
Caramella Seashell
"I'm afraid I'm gonna fade away End up under gloomy skies Please don't tell me I can't stay Because I'll miss those beautiful eyes You tell me I'm a cutaway Cast me out and run away I try to call I t...View More
The scene then transitions back into Family Man, and Peter Household Guy makes a meta comment about the sad cutaway.
“This is more depressing than that time I dropped my $5 chicken sandwich!”
this makes me feel things-
Caramella Seashell
Cara did a cover for the day, singing in a live radio station for all to hear. "What was the cover," you ask? "Thanks for tuning into Radio Bridle! Today we have a special guest! An up and coming sin...View More
Lucem Diem
Noice, CyberPunk, love it
Caramella Seashell
Writing stuff and things and thoughts and lyrics and pain. But I'm working slowly on the next lyrics. I want them to be a little deeper. The last two were about flying I think lol.
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