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The Xenoling Brittania Empire.
We, Are the Xenoling. We come from a world beyond the Solar System. We travelled the stars looking for new worlds to call home. We traveled along Radio Frequencies to find different kind of stars. We had found what your kind called the Milkyway. Your Galaxy's Quasar blackhole led us here. We detected magic on your planet called, Earth. where we found it's inhabitants of multiple species. We came across the Gryphons first... Our first alliance with the world's natives. We have made a Political Hive in Eagleland. called the Eagleland Hive... Now, we have moved to the Equestria borders in discovery of a functioning Volcano. Smokey Mountains. This is where we work. The Queen has hollowed out the Volcano's funnel and built our technological marvel. know to the Royals as SteamPunk Factories. Technology that was just out of their grasp. We have been making machines for many millenia.  We have remained in hiding... untill now... We have opened up the Volcano's hatches. And our Queen has left the volcano to explore the Equestrian surroundings in hopes to learn about Equestrian culture and politics... We are the Xenomorphs. And we strive to Preserve this planet from self Destruction.... for we have learned... of it's corruption...
Nyinx D'Lune
Clashing Thunder