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Flim Flam Co.
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Hello! And Welcome to The Flim Flam Co. Page! This page is where any and all information related to the Flim Flam brand will be publicly displayed! Any inquiries of our products or services can be directed to Flam Flimflam. We are proud to have an Excellent team working with us. We have many job opportunities available to you! If you are looking for a job, please contact Flam Flimflam to get started! Here is a current list of our wonderful employees! Flam & Flim Flimflam- Co-Founders Leslie Fair - COO Dr. Marina Bleu - Professor of Conchology, Head of SEI. Ebon Heart- Guardspony Nou'ara- Guardspony Artemis- Biological Chemist in SEI Amuka- Assembly line worker
Dr. Marina Bleu