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The Great Flapjack War of 2017
On the fated day of December the 9th 2017, two ponies had a disagreement. A disagreement that would soon evolve into one of the most devastating and intense wars that Canterlot Avenue has ever seen. #BlameSaphoenix But some who were not here to witness the bloody carnage would ask, what was this war about? Well I can easily answer that for you... watch out sensitive souls because the topic is highly controversial and may keep you awake for days. Some ponies will cry, some may die. But you brave souls have chosen to walk a path of righteousness, the war stemmed from a simple question. Whether a 'flapjack' is a pancake or an oat bar. The war lasted a total of two entire days, and many had lost lives as well as their will to live. So in the aftermath of this dreadful war, I turn to you for your opinion on this important subject. W h a t i s a f l a p j a c k ? (an oat bar)
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Berry Batty and Pine Applepress