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The Lavender Bar is a cozy two story building near the outskirts of Ponyvile. Currently ran by both Kameda and Trent Mizuki, in addion to drinks the upper floor contains a number of guest rooms that can be rented out. There is a small zen garden at the back of the building. The interior of the bar resembles that of a Japanese style home, the rooms upstairs also sharing this design. Hours of operation: 9am to 2am with Last Call at 1:30am. Signature Cocktails: (Will be added soon!) Food Menu: (Will be added soon!) Rules of the Bar: 1) Don't be a dick. 2) The wine cellar is off limits for a reason. 3) Kameda is always right. 4) In the event Kameda is wrong, refer to rule 3. 5) Destruction of bar property is frowned upon.
Trent Mizuki
Bad Apple Bar
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This is the place for bad apples! You know, the kind of pony that likes to get drunk, fight and play lould music! Sure you could call them "lowlifes" "criminals" "mass murderers" but around here, we call them friends! Cyber The Hedgepony: data Aizen Storm: ghost
crystal harmony
Demonic H Hooves