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The Lavender Bar is a cozy two story building near the outskirts of Ponyvile. Currently ran by both Kameda and Trent Mizuki, in addion to drinks the upper floor contains a number of guest rooms that can be rented out. There is a small zen garden at the back of the building. The interior of the bar resembles that of a Japanese style home, the rooms upstairs also sharing this design. Hours of operation: 9am to 2am with Last Call at 1:30am. Signature Cocktails: (Will be added soon!) Food Menu: (Will be added soon!) Rules of the Bar: 1) Don't be a dick. 2) The wine cellar is off limits for a reason. 3) Kameda is always right. 4) In the event Kameda is wrong, refer to rule 3. 5) Destruction of bar property is frowned upon.
Trent Mizuki
Miguel CatFoxLycan