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Starmare Cafe
Hello! Welcome to Starmare Coffee! We cater to everycreature's desires for the perfect cup of steamy deliciousness. Just walk right up to the counter, place your order, and enjoy! We offer a wide range of brews, creamers, sugars, and toppings if you like something more than the traditional goodness that is coffee. Please check the FRIENDSHIP LETTERS to find our menu. Enjoy~! DISCLAIMER: Some orders may take a little bit to reach you.
Apex Mist
Aurora Cassiopeia
Carmine Gumshoe
Berry's Smoothies
The smoothie shop rests on the end of a strip mall in the bustling city of Manehattan. It provides a cozy, vintage-style atmosphere, complete with a smoothie bar, booths, and a pair of outdoor tables. A single mare works her hooves to the bone in there, humming to the tune of whatever plays on the jukebox. --I don't expect much out of this, but this is here for anyone who wants to join in! No post will go ignored!-- ~Menu~ Basic smoothies: Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, mango, banana, honey, cantaloupe, watermelon. Two bits. Combo smoothies: Mix and match your fruit! Three bits. Specialty smoothie: Strawberry Apathy (Strawberry smoothie with pineapple juice, coconut milk, mango juice, and topped with a strawberry.) Served in an adorable, specialty cup. Four bits. Food: Pasta salad. Three bits. Salad. Comes with your choice of dressing. Two bits. Pre-packaged vegetable tray. Two bits. Pre-packaged fruit cup. Two bits.
Demonic H Hooves
Strawberry Cream
Sugar's Morning Cup
Greetings, everypony! Welcome to Sugar's Morning Cup! I'm Sugar Morning, just a regular pegasi from Ponyville. I love great photography and culinary, and this page is dedicated for that. All of the pics here mostly aren't mine, unless stated. Enjor your stay! :)
Sugar Morning
Ponyville Scullery's Maid Cafe
Hello and welcome, masters, to Ponyville's newly opened Maid Cafe! Inside, we've got a team of highly trained chefs and a singular maid to make your cafe experience unlike any other you've ever had! Stop on by for any assortment of desserts, meals, or exquisite beverages and relax in our totally feng shui dining area, our chic and hip upper floor overlooking the marketplace, or our rustic outdoor pavilion. Our pavilion is perfect for those awkward first dates, with easy access to jumping over the railing and running away to leave that poor pony behind holding the check. We'd love to see you here!~ While dining at the Ponyville Scullery's Maid Cafe, please tag us if you need any assistance and our lovely maid will do their best to assist you. They've been rather busy lately, but will try to come trotting by if they hear you call! Ponies banned from the premises include: Closetbrony16 for attempted theft and assault. (
All About Drizzy
Basalt Alltrades