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Cult of Cambia
Praise be to our beloved god, who giveth us hope and light, who hath spereated worlds and has given us the sole reason for out existance: to serve our glorious creator. Praise be to Cambia!
: Sanctuary was formed in a small town in a neighboring kingdom. The founding members originally made the organization to provide shelters and safe spaces for everyone. After the idea proved to be a rather large success in their hometown, the organization decided to try their luck spreading their ideas and ideals to other communities around the country. : The organization’s goal is to provide safe havens, Sanctuaries, for all ponies in order to protect them from, and rid them of their fears of the evil that seems fixated on destroying their lives. : The line of command within the organization. Leading Founder - The initial founder who started the organization. Secondary Founding Members - High ranking members who helped the Leading Founder realize his ideas. Spellbinders - The unicorns in charge of securing the Sanctuaries with evil-magic-repellant spells. Sanctuary Head - The ones in charge of the individual Sanctuaries. Member - The ordinary member of a Sanctuary community. [hr]
Crimson Canvas
Cherry Bomb
The Sons of the Father
The Mare your Dad calls Daddy.  The Father of all Sons. The Mother of the Father. That's Amore. Scream for me, my children Join me and worship beneath the All-Father Cambia. Spread the message with the hashtag #daddycambia You know you have Daddy issues. So get a new Dad today. 
Daddy Cambia
Amy Callihan
Cally Ber