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Attack on Mango Social Media Page
Hey fans! Welcome to the official social media page of Attack on Mango! We use this page to post exclusive offers, reminders, and behind the scenes stuff you won't find anywhere else! Thanks for all your support! See you at the next show! //This is a meta, roleplay social media page. It's meant to act like a social media page, and I encourage you to treat it as one. I don't plan on using this TOO often, so it doesn't spam the main feed.
Asuka Yakushi
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
Bluey's Music Yard
In this page, this is where Bluey spends his time making Beats for other ponies to enjoy, so if you like Music of any genre for this page, then this is for you. Enjoy Bluey's Music Yard.
Bluey (The Half Pony, Half Tartarus Demon)
Thundy's Theme Shop
Hello there! And welcome to Thundy's Theme Shop! Here, you can commission me any theme of music or song you'd like! I do a huge variety of genres and styles. All prices in this shop are final. Look out because everything will be 50% for the next two weeks! Simple Themes Rock Theme - $15.00 Metal Theme - $15.00 Pop Theme - $15.00 Pure Electric Theme - $15.00 Classical Theme (no orchestral) - $16.00-$19.00 Depending on what ensemble you want. Trios are $16.00. Quartets are $17.00, Quintets are worth $18.00 and Sextets to full ensembles are worth $19.00 Jazz - $17.00 to $19.00 Depends on the size of the band you want. A small jazz band is $17.00, a medium sized band is worth $18.00 and a large jazz band is worth $19.00 Condensed Orchestral Themes Condensed Orchestral - $30.00 + Pipe Organ(Full Only) – $40.00 + Pipe Organ(Flutes and Full) - $45.00 + Pipe Organ(All settings) - $50.00 + Pipe Organ(All settings) + Rock Band - $60.00 Full Orchestral Themes Full Orchestral - $70.00 + Rock Band - $85.00 (Symphonic Rock/Metal) + Rock Band + Pipe Organ(All settings) - $100.00 (Free bonus Synth of Choice [Square Wave or Sawtooth Wave]) Piano/Keyboard Themes Piano Solo- $5.00 Harpsichord - $9.50 Double Piano - $10.00 Pipe Organ(Full Only) - $16.50 Pipe Organ(Flutes and Full) - $17.00 Pipe Organ(All settings) - $18.00 Synthesizer Ensemble - $19.50 Keyboard Ensemble (Free Harpsichord or Vintage Electric Piano Choice) - $22.00 Fusions Electro-Rock - $18.50 Electro-Classical - $25.00 + Classical Ensemble of Choice (50% off Classical Ensemble) Electro-Jazz - $18.00 + Jazz band size of choice Classical-Jazz – $16.00 (Choose any Classical and any size of band and you’ll get either one free of your choice) Euro-Rock – $16.00 Euro-Classical - $16.00 + 50% off Classical Ensemble choice Jazz-Metal - $15.00 + jazz band size of choice World Themes All World Themes are $20.00 World Fusions are $15.50 + genre of choice and any other stuff that comes with it. Extras Sound effects: $5.00 per sound MLP Quotes: $8.00 Sound Bundle: $10.00 Updates are subject to happen. All payments must go to my PayPal: Additional notes 1. A condensed orchestral piece minimizes staff/track use and groups the instruments into sections per staff. For instance, the brass section will have it’s own staff or staves. 2. A synthesizer ensemble is comprised of 4 synthesizers: A squarewave, sawtooth wave, synth bass, and a warm synth pad. 3. There are 4 settings to the pipe organ on for software: Flutes, Principal, Half full and full. The same applies for the Korg Kronos Pipe Organs 4. A Keyboard Ensemble is comprised of a drum set, two acoustic pianos, a synth bass on a synthesizer and any synth lead. 5. A sound bundle is a continuous sound played in the background of a song for ambience. An example is the sound of waves in the ocean.
Thundy The Griffon
Distant Shores