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Bart Simpson
I'm Bart Simpson from Springfield, i live with my Homer, my mother, my sister lisa and litte baby sister Maggie, i go to Springfield school, my best friend is Millhouse please like my page so i can discuss my life, answer any questions you have and i mean any, and well experience my Life's story, my name is Bart Simpson and welcome to my page.
Bart Simpson
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Provoking Serious Thought with Silver
A page for me, Silver (and others) to post serious, thought-provoking questions, and challenge ourselves and others to question the world around them. There is only one rule (which is already a site rule, but it's the most important rule on this page): 1. Be Civil. Insulting and disrespecting others is a terrible way to encourage free thought. THAT SAID, disagreeing with somebody's opinion (or even facts, if you have evidence to put forward) in a civil manner does not constitute disrespect or 'being offensive'. If you feel that it does, you don't belong on this page. While political discussion is probably inevitable at some point, this is not the place to bring your political opinions outright. Please do not post controversial opinions or 'facts' on this page purely to get a reaction out of people who disagree. I will do my best to keep this page free of that kind of thing. Really this page can be summed up with one phrase: Debate with each other, don't argue or fight. If you feel your temper rising, unsubscribe from the discussion. This is a place for cool heads.
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